• Computer Health Check & Repair Services

    Computer Health Check: If you use your computer at home or in a business environment everyday and heavily rely on the operating system such as windows to stay correct, then your computer would highly benefit from a PCKEY CALLOUT Health check. If your computer is taking it’s time to run, slowly booting up or even just not behaving the way it normally does then it is time for your computer to get its own health check. When we are not well we get an health check from our doctors. This is the same with your computer, when it’s not acting […]

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  • Healthy Hard Drive Can Help to Protect Your Future

    Healthy Hard Drive: Weather you have a business or are just a at home computer user, the harsh reality of hard drives is what everyone deals with. They do work as well as they used to and sometimes you may find that your data has disappeared.  You may not always know when your hard drive is starting to fail as sometimes a noise or sound may not appear. Healthy Hard Drive has not this type of issues. It leaves many people questioning whether the hard drive is starting to fail or if it’s a onetime fluke. An average hard drive […]

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  • Cyber Security Threat on your Personal Computer

    Cyber Security Threat: What is Cyber Security? “Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access” Cyber security needs to get improved while other technologies are improving. Due to rapid improvements in technology, cyber security needs to get upgraded so it can deliver a more safe, secure and manageable security services for the home and office. Common Cyber Security Threat To be aware of: Botnets These go undetected and are a group of software robots that design a field of infected computers which are controlled by the […]

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  • PC Support Virus Removal & Repair Services

    PC Support Virus Removal: Using more than one ANTIVIRUS software on any windows operating system is not a good idea! It is very important to protect your computer with the best antivirus software and to check your antivirus removal is updated. It will be no good just to install the software and not regularly update it because then the antivirus software will not work to its full capacity. If not updated your computer may start to behave oddly and may cause a computer crash. How to avoid a virus: Do not open attachments from unknown emails Avoid clicking pop ups […]

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  • How to Clean Dirty Computer Complete Guide 2018

    Clean Dirty Computer: Clean inside a computer safely. As dust keeps on piling on your, it can have effect on your computer and the way it performs as a whole. As soon as dust starts collecting on the inside an outside of your computer, your computers vents and fans start to get clogged and with time will cause overheating. Overheating is one very bad issue for a computer and a good clean will help the computer to cool down and prolong the life of your computer as well. Clean Dirty Computer Complete Guide: There are many ways to tell if […]

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  • Internet is not working in Windows 10 – Problems After Update

    Windows 10: Internet is not working – Problems after update Once updated everything should be fine but apparently there have been some people who have been experiencing terrible issues with their Windows 10. They are finding that since the update their internet is not working. Even though the cause of this is still uncertain there are solutions to the problem. This is a worldwide problem and at first Microsoft said it was not the update problem but IT support lines were busy helping users facing this problem. Mysterious problem This all started after an update was released. The update is to […]

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    HAPPY NEW YEAR HAPPY NEW YEAR: Because the goodwill of those  we serve is the foundation of our success, it’s a real pleasure at this holiday time  to say “thank you” as we wish you a full year of happiness and success.  PCKEY CALLOUT LIMITED ®

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  • Computer Repair Services

    Fake AntiVirus Software of 2108 Complete Introduction

    Fake AntiVirus Software: The Development of Anti-virus software has meant many users are saved from a lot of problems. However because of this popularity so many anti-virus programs and software’s have been developed that sometimes you might find It difficult finding which one is fake and real in free antivirus. One popular and most common malware on the internet is Trojan and the many different viruses it has. One Trojan virus was created to manipulate users to thinking they are downloading a antivirus software. This is normally found in popup which say virus found which then takes to a website […]

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  • Computer Repair Services

    Ransomware Removal Complete Guide 2018

    Ransomware Removal: The internet is known as a common place where your technology can get exploited by others without your consent. One way people do this is through ransomware. This is software that makes people pay an amount before even deciding whether they would give back users normal access to files and programs.  It’s not always the case that you find the ransomware as it could find you first. Online criminals can send this ransomware straight into your email account. CryptoLocker is a ransomware trojan that targets computers running Microsoft Windows. Ransomware has developed so much that you just need to open your email account […]

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  • Computer Repair Services How To

    Speed Up Computer Complete Guide 2018

    Speed Up Computer: There are many reasons why you might be thinking why is my computers so slow? You might just be thinking how to speed up my PC/Computer/laptop? It may need a good clean as most people don’t think about this and just leave their computer while it gets slower and slower. PC working slow is not a good sign and can be caused by many thing such as a nearly full hard drive, a broken hard drive, overheating, viruses and many more. Please do not ignore your computer once it starts getting slow and you feel your computer […]

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