Bringing people and IT Specialists closer together

Thanks to our unique system, we are able to drastically improve customer service and satisfaction by connecting engineers and customers to provide professional support rapidly and conveniently.

Changing the way people receive IT support

We are proud to say that we are the first company in the UK, or even in the world, with this type of approach to IT support. Our innovative approach to IT support is the result of deep contemplation about the cumbersome process that a person has to go through in order to fix an issue on their computer.

Traditionally, the computer had to be brought in to an COMPUTER REPAIR SHOP where it would be kept for many hours or even days, risking privacy and security of data. And then the computer would be collected and paid for with a lot of hard-earned money.

In the perfect world of PCKEY CALLOUT, we come to you at the time that suits you, fix your issues in a timely manner on the spot whilst always making sure that your data is secure – all this for an affordable price. We do not limit our goals to one specific location, but strive to expand across the country. While building on our extensive experience, we put customer satisfaction and innovation at heart of everything we do.

Making people’s lives easier

We know it is stressful to be unable to use your computer. All those important documents suddenly become inaccessible, and your report will not write itself. Also, it is not possible to download and watch your favourite shows on Netflix without a working machine. PCKEY CALLOUT has already made many people in the UK happy by tackling these aforementioned and many more issues. We are proud to be able to serve the community and make IT support simple and available at any time. Visit Our Services page to see how we can help you today.