6 Common Computer Problems

6 Common Computer Problems


Computer problems can be really frustrating and if it’s got more than one trying to differentiate between which one is a software problem and which one is hardware related. Most hardware and software problems have similar symptoms.


Below are some common computer problems and the easy way on how to differentiate if they are hardware or software related.


Failing to boot-

If you turn on your computer but it decides not to run then this has something to do with the hardware. The issue could be as simple as a loose connection within the computer or it could be something much more complicated such as a problematic hardware. On the other hand if your computer does start but begins to fail when booting up then this could be either a software or hardware issue. When this is the issue you should do a reinstallation of the operating system. If this does not help, then it means there is an hardware problem. A corrupted CPU could be the reason behind not booting at all. If your CPU is overheating it could lead to a blue screen when it is under load. A damaged power supply could be hard to recognize. A faulty power supply happens when there is too much power being sent to components and it can cause damage to it and overtime causing malfunction. Once the power supply is dead the computer won’t turn on when pressing the power button.


Blue screen problems-

This is a sign that there is some malfunction in the hardware or poorly programmed drivers. If you come across a blue screen problem you need to check all the recent installed hardware or installed drivers. If you find there is no problem with the drivers, the problem could be with the graphic card, RAM or motherboard.


Corrupted files-

If your files begin to become corrupt then the hard drive is the problem. If you find that it is taking a long time to open because there could be some virus or malware attack. You need to do a full scan and if you find there are no viruses it means the hard drive is the problem and is at fault.


Missing DLL File-

DLL Stand for Dynamic-Link Library (DLL) contain the information for your windows on how to do operations also they are skilled of clutching code and multiple procedures. Sometimes you lose the DLL files or damages it. When your computer trying to do certain operation then that specific DLL file is missing or Corrupted. then you cannot do anything on your computer. If you are facing message for DLL files. you can restore your computer to make it up and running.


Computer crashes randomly-

The RAM is the problem which could result in crashes, blue screen or file corruption. The data which is written on the RAM is for short term storage and with a fault RAM the storage could come to incorrect value.



To make sure your CPU does not overheat and if the fan is faulty in the computer it could result in overheating as well as cause CPU or graphic card problems. If there is it will result in computer crashing and not booting in the end.

Repairing a software problem can be much easier than a hardware issue bit with good reliable computer repair services fixing either software or hardware will be as simple as each other.


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