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Computer Repair Support Contract Maintenance

Weekly Computer Maintenance

Computer Repair Support Contract Maintenance makes life easy for everyone. Your computer is a machine and machines require maintenance, now unlike a car which requires routine maintenance computers need weekly, monthly and annual maintenance.  Computer maintenance should happen at time intervals and if ignored it could mean your computer could suffer and you could experience failures in your computer’s system. Through getting your computer maintained it will help you keep your computer running well and optimised for years to come.

Schedule: Weekly Computer Maintenance

Having time to do a weekly maintenance on your computer manually is hard work and for most people inevitable. So setting your computer automatically to perform the maintenance on your windows computer would really benefit you.

  • Backing up: Start off by backing up your data, the best way to do this is by backing your files to an external hard drive. You can schedule backup’s using task scheduler. If you have a windows 7 computer you can go to your control panel, system and then to security. Click on backup and restore and enable and configure a backup schedule. Some good external hard drives you should back up on would be from brands such as Western Digital etc
  • Disk cleanup: Start off by going to Start-Programs-System tools and click on Disk Cleanup. Then Windows will have a look at your temporary internet files, recycle bins and other files which are safe to delete from your computer. You can schedule a Disk cleanup you need to; press start- programs-accessories-system tools-task scheduler. Press action and then create a basic task. Enter in a name, click next and choose weekly for. After this set a time for the Disk cleanup to happen and then click next. Press start program and then after click browse and then enter ‘cleanmgr.exe’ into the name box. Click open, next and you’re finished.
  • Full virus scan: Even though it is useful to have a virus scanner which updates daily and provides on spot protection, you should also run a full virus scan once a week.

Schedule: Monthly Computer Maintenance

  • Disk Defragmenter: This reorganises your data from your hard drive in your computer so it can access files faster.
  • Clean your computer: This all depends on where your computer is located but you should try and vacuum around the area of your computer. You should also check the internal and external fans to make sure they are hair and dusts free which if not removed can cause heat to build up in your computer.
  • Software Update: Majority software will automatically remind you when an update is ready to be downloaded. The updates normally consist of security fixes which should be installed right away.
  • Hardware Diagnostics: Run Check Disk monthly to check for impending computer hard drive failure. Right-click the C: drive and click Properties, click the Tools tab, and then the Check now button within the Error-checking section.

Schedule: Annual Computer Maintenance

System Recovery: No matter how hard you try, your computer will start to slow down. If you don’t have a Windows installation disk, you should then burn the recovery disks for your computer and put them somewhere you will remember. If you have a Dell, HP, Sony VAIO or Acer computer to repairs, they will have a service to create these disks. Use this to wipe and restore your computer to factory settings at least once annually. First backup your data and then do this and your computer will start running like new.

Computer Repair Support Contract

PcKey Callout Offer Computer Repair Support Contract Maintenance for Computer Laptop & Desktop Repair Support on annual basis. You just have to pay monthly subscription fees then we are just one call away. You can call us any time you want to repair your computer. (Sign Up Here)

Area We Are Covering for Computer Support Contract in West Yorkshire (Baildon, Batley, Bingley, Bradford, Brighouse, Castleford, Cleckheaton, Denholme, Dewsbury, Elland, Farsley, Featherstone, Guiseley, Halifax, Hebden Bridge, Heckmondwike, Hemsworth, Holmfirth, Horsforth, Huddersfield, Ilkley, Keighley, Knottingley, Leeds, Mirfield, Morley, Normanton, Ossett, Otley, Pontefract, Pudsey, Rothwell, Shipley, Silsden, South Elmsall, South Kirkby, Sowerby Bridge, Todmorden, Wetherby, Yeadon)

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How to fix Windows Update in Windows 10 stuck or Frozen


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Windows 10 update taking place today,

how will this update change your PC?

windows 10 creators updateWindows 10 stuck or Frozen: Wawoooo Finally, Microsoft is releasing their next windows 10 update called April 2018 update today and below are information on the big features that are arriving to your PC. Also upgrading will be simpler but some computer will face window 10 stuck or frozen during updates.

Windows 10 stuck or Frozen?

This software will bring the normal security patches and repairs but as well as this there are new features which are there to get users to enjoy using their PC’s better.


Microsoft has also made upgrading much simpler and easier so that worry is no more.


Microsoft listened to their home and office customers and has made switching to the latest software a much faster process.


Instead of the long 82 minute update time online or the 51 minute update time offline, the April update should take only 30 minutes.


If you are looking to starting the upgrade, here are some of the new features coming to windows 10.


Microsoft has listened to their customers and knows that they are getting preoccupied with emails, messages and many social media notifications.


With this new update, they have added something called Focus Assist which helps disabling all these notifications.


It’s the user’s decision; they can either turn on the Focus Assist when they think they need it or put it on automatically at particular times of the day.


The best thing is that if you are busy doing Assignments and work, once finished you will be presented with all the notifications you missed during the time you were on focus mode.


Don’t worry about missing any important messages because the creators have made it able to set particular contacts to break through the system.


Edge is getting better day by day

Google chrome is doing well with internet browsers but Microsoft is working day and night to make sure their Edge browser is keeping up with its competition.


The new features on Edge are bringing fewer interruptions when browsing the web and they have added a new audio symbol to mute and unmute when a tab is playing a sound.


Also books, PDFs and reading view pages will go full-screen and distraction-free reading experience and shopping online gets easier because your address, payment and other information can be saved securely with the choice to use auto fill on web payments.


There is also a great feature when printing from the web as the choice brings printing with a cleaner and clutter free format.


New timeline

The creators at Microsoft want to make everything simpler for windows 10 home and office users. This is why they have come with Timeline.  This will allow you to go back in time back to 30 days to search for their files.


This even works with all different platforms, so you can find things you have been working on when using a tablet, laptop or phone.


Talking to your PC

If you get tired of using your fingers, the new windows 10 update will help.


Microsoft is improving its dictation experience with users being able to interact more precisely with their PCs via speech.


It will now be easier than ever to take a note or write a paper with the use of just your voice.


You need to simply press Win+H and begin talking.


This windows 10 fall update April 2018 will be available as a free download starting Today, Yes Today.


Windows 10 stuck or Frozen


Windows 10 Creators Update Errors

If your window 10 Creators update got following errors YES, WE CAN RESOLVE FOLLOWING ERRORS


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Check our Windows installation Services:

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Wifi Threats To Hotels- Tips For Travellers


Wifi Threats: Connecting to a public network is not a good idea but new reports show travellers must be extra careful as it has been found that the wifi router used y most hotels are prone to hackers.

Hotel staffs that use public wifi are at most risk of getting hacked as well as spied on. This is because hackers are able to create a fake network and call it hotel wifi and then they would connect and get spied on. The hacker is then able to see everything that is being done by the staff unless it is encrypted.

Wifi Threats To Hotels:

This thereat also means guests of the hotel who use the real hotel wifi can also become a victim to this. They can get spied on while online and have their passwords and logins stolen as well as having their emails read. If the hackers wanted to they could cause more damage by infecting the laptop or device being used with malware. A more experienced hacker could also go further into the hotels business system taking guest information such as card details.


What you can do?

To start with tourists should not use public wifi unless it is through a private network such as openDNS. A private network encrypts online traffic, so if there is a hacker a n they try and spy on you they will not see anything.


Another way to stop this from happening to you is pay for your stay using a credit card instead of a debit card as it comes with more protection but it’s not completely safe.


Change your online banking passwords. This threat may have been around for a long time but just noticed now so some hackers may have already got some information. Make sure your new password is long about 10+ characters with both upper and lower case letters. Also add  a special symbol  and some numbers. Wifi Threats are every where. Keep yourself safe from Wifi Threats.


Even with this latest threat coming to light, travelling does increase your chance of getting hacked. Below are a few steps you can take to protect yourself:


  • Protect your device against theft: Every device taken travelling should have a password so even if it does get stolen the thief is not able to gain access to any personal messages, emails etc. it should also have a disabling capability so the data cannot be accessible to the thief.
  • Password manager: Many people have access to more than one online account on a daily basis. This makes it essential to have a strong and unique password for each account. You should also change passwords regularly. To make sure you don’t forget your passwords use password manager tool as it provides a safe online storage for all your passwords so you don’t need to remember them.


After you have come back from your travels and realised you have been hacked don’t worry and remember PCKEY CALLOUT is here to help you. We can help you recover your data as well as install antivirus software. Visit our website for more information. Click here and Hire us now.


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Repair My Laptop: Should I Repair My Laptop?


Repair My Laptop: Debating when and if you should send in your Laptop for repair is not as simple as it seems. Finding the right repair company is difficult as you want to make sure your getting a fair price for your repair as well as wanting trustworthy PC Repair company.

The most important issue you want to make sure that the problem with the laptop is not something simple which you could have fixed yourself. Why not someone come to you home and fixed in front of you.
There are many different elements to consider when deciding to repair your laptop and not just deciding to purchase a new one.

 Repair My Laptop

Pckey Repair Tips:

  • Make sure you have fully checked your laptop to make sure it’s not a simple fix.
  • If your having a certain problem with your laptop, check the manufacturers website for any answers.
  • You may be able to fix the problem with your laptop through installing any software upgrades for it.
  • Always check to see if your laptop is in warranty as your may be able to get your repair done for free or at a much lower cost.
  • Check the manual with the laptop for any ‘troubleshooting tips’.
  • Before choosing the costs of a repair consider how the laptop has been treated. If it has been rough handled a few times, lifespan is shortened and it might be better to purchase a new one rather than spending a lot on pc repair.
  • Back up any files or photos that are important to you, so if you need to give it up it won’t be too much of an emotional time.
  • If your laptop is an older model it may not be worth repairing.


Always make sure you have gone through your options when deciding to repair and have chosen a reputable company such as PCKEY CALLOUT who are no ONE at home PC Repair Company. For more information on our services visit our website


Reliable PC repair in Chapel Allerton, Armley, Beeston, Bramley, Farnley, Headingley, Burley, Holbeck, Hunslet, PotternewtonWortley and many more areas for details information please call us on 07768770600.

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Hacks & Attacks: They are Being Reported By Yahoo


Hacks & Attacks: Have a yahoo email? Your account might be one of the many that have been hacked recently. Yahoo’s email servers have been receiving the two biggest breaches every in internet history since 2013.


Yahoo has issued a short statement, as followed:

“Based on the ongoing investigation, we believe a forged cookie may have been used in 2015 or 2016 to access your account.”

This hack is very cleverly thought out and creative as it doesn’t involve taking passwords. The way they hack is by making the users web browser tell yahoo that the user has already logged in and thus forging a cookie that the browser uses to track. Through this you are able to close your browser and open it again without needing to log in every time.


Not only is this an inconvenience but it also could be identity theft and loss of trust. This means the company has a loss in valuation. No system will be 100% completely secure, this shows how much of an economic effect it can have to your business if you come across this kind of attack. Every day there are million of Hacks & Attacks. Safe yoursefl from PC Hacks & Attacks.


If you use yahoo email, first thing is to change your password and make sure your security measures are updated and fully working to the best effect they could be. If you have any problems in updating, installing any types of security and antivirus, call PCKEY and we will be able to come to you and secure your PC in front on you.


T: 07768770600

E: [email protected]


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Internet is not working in Windows 10 – Problems After Update


Windows 10: Internet is not working – Problems after update

Once updated everything should be fine but apparently there have been some people who have been experiencing terrible issues with their Windows 10. They are finding that since the update their internet is not working. Even though the cause of this is still uncertain there are solutions to the problem.

This is a worldwide problem and at first Microsoft said it was not the update problem but IT support lines were busy helping users facing this problem.

Mysterious problem

This all started after an update was released. The update is to correct small program errors and is for everyone who installed the Anniversary update.

Once updates users complained the connection to the internet failed. Microsoft advised their users to restart their computer. However if you still find a problem then call your local computer repair engineer at PCKEY CALLOUT, PCKEY CALLOUT have experienced engineers who will be able to solve your problem and get your internet up and running all at your convenience and right in front of you.

Facing Problem in Windows Installation. Checkout Our Windows Installation Services.

At PCKEY CALLOUT, our team of engineers will do everything with you and help you with your problem. You can visit our website or call us to book an appointment, we have no callout charges and if we are not able to repair we will advice you what can happen next and you do not need to pay a penny as we are no fix-no fee company.

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Looking Back into The History of Computer Repairs

HISTORY OF COMPUTER REPAIRS: Computer repairing has not been known for long but has had a rapid turnover of knowledge and skills due to an advance in technology. So as technology improves so will the knowledge and skills of people/businesses for compute repairing. There are some certain aspects which have made the computer repair as advanced as it is today.


The Emergence of Home Computers

At the beginning big companies such as Apple made most of the computers, but as they became cheaper many more companies decided to invest and expand in this industry. As a result of this more computers were produced which meant the repairing industry was expanding and a home computer became popular. Therefore more computers meant the need for more skilled engineers.

Education Part of a Computer Repair Technician’s Job

Before a household computer became common in every home many people just had basic computer skills.  The engineers would have to just encounter basic problems from their customers. So to solve this matter and get people more educated on this the engineers had to educate their customers while repairing their computer.

Try Turning the Power Off and On Again

At the beginning many computers hardware and software would function in the same way as many of the computers. As well as this the market was also known by a number of big brand names. This is a total opposite of today as now there are many hardware and software options available, so much so computer engineers have to keep up with the growing trend of hardware and software.

The Rise of the Internet

The main impact on computer repairing industry today has been the internet and the ay technology has advanced. This has meant that through the increase of internet use the amounts of cybercrime have also increased. This includes viruses or malware used to damage computer systems.

Now there are many different types of malware such as viruses, worms, spyware, Trojan etc. Many computer repair calls are made due to some form of malware entering the computer system.

Do-it-yourself Computer Repairs

Even though the internet has caused the need for computer repairs to increase, at the same time it has also made people trying to do it themselves. They are often typing their problem into the search engine and using online forums and websites to attempt to repair their own computer. This however can sometimes make the problem worse and repair process much difficult and longer.

The Workplace

Computers are everywhere today and are found in many different workplaces and environments. With all different types of businesses realizing the benefits of having computers, this has meant engineers need to be on site and sometimes in not so pleasant locations.

Computer Repair History

This is an overall segment describing the key moments in the development of computer repairs. As technology has advanced so has the requirements in this industry and so people who are interested in this industry have gained much knowledge. This has meant they have been able to adapt to every situation and be able to meet the needs of their customers.

Affordable Computer Repairs and Service

If you have a computer, notebook or even an Apple Mac which is in need of a repair/service please call on 07768 770600 or email us at [email protected] or visit our website with all our information.

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6 Types of Malware You Should Be Aware of 2018



Malware programs are one of the worst programs found on the internet and are most common. They are many varieties of malware which makes it hard to specify a few. all hackers have their own way of inserting malware into your computer which means there are many created every months. The 6 most common types of malware are:

Once entered into your computer, this type of malware can be the most dangerous as well as one of the hardest to remove. Ransomware works by first locking down your computer and then forcing a payment to unlock it, disguising it as a security programs.

But don’t be fooled and think its over once you pay because they keep asking for more. The most effective way to battle it is not to get it first but then you should turn your computer into safe mode and delete it or reinstall the whole operating system. Don’t fall into the pressure and give in.

They are the worst to remove and hide themselves by acting as flies within the operating system and this makes it undetectable through scanners. However some technicians might be able to detect but they would still recommend to wipe the whole hard drive and start as a new computer.

Personal data is important and very valuable and most hackers know this. The main goal for hackers are to remain undetected during their hacking of information of the user causing identity theft as an end result. The best of detecting is to do a manual check of all your files or have many scans to find and delete it.

Mobile Malware
This is one of the largest threats to security professionals due to the limitations of the operating system and the difficulties accessing the deeper functions of the smartphone. Mobile malware is tricky to remove. To help people should use their internet on their mobile and they should install mobile security apps on their smartphone.

This type of malware focuses on selling you things you really did not want. They mostly come with other types of malware so they are able to maximise the effect. The sooner it is deleted, there is less risk of another type of malware to attack and cause more problems from your desktop or internet browser.

They are programs used for criminal activity and once entered into your computer will try to hack accounts. This is the reason you have to type in verification words and this allows hackers to relax and let someone else to the work. While most people cannot directly defeat them, they should avoid making important accounts on website which don’t have a defence against them.

Defenses to Use
There are many tools and strategies you can use in order to improve your knowledge of defence against threats and more:

  • You need a security system on your computer. Don’t use a free program as it will not be that effective as the licensed ones. You also need to update it whenever you can as hackers and creators take advantage of the time between updating and release.
  • If you really want to go out there, you will need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It is the best purpose to keep you safe on public networks. Hackers can steal your information on public networks and use it to perform identity theft and spread malware, so you need the encryption that the VPN gives to remain safe.
  • Only use websites you are 100% sure of and don’t download anything that looks suspicious.

PCKEY CALLOUT will help you to update your computer with all Malware threats.
Call on 07768 770600 today for health check and update your security.

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PC KEY CALLOUT is Best Than Other Computer Repair Companies


PC KEY CALLOUT : Life without technology seems impossible in today’s world and the use of a PC is one technology we can’t be without. We use it in our everyday lives and it helps us with various tasks either at home or in the office. So a computer is very vital and with it the you would need professional IT support in case anything happens to your PC.

Now I will give you some reasons as to why you should call our experienced engineers from PC KEY CALLOUT in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield and Halifax etc for any computer repair related reasons. PC KEY CALLOUT covers whole of West Yorkshire to repair computer at your door step.

  • PC KEY CALLOUT has many years of experience in handling computer issues whether it be desktops or laptops.
  • Experienced engineers who have years of experience with PC repairing. We aim to get your computer running back to normal ASAP.
  • Friendly but professional advice for free. We will answer any computer related query you have and give you advice on the best way to keep your computer lasting longer. With PC KEY CALLOUT you are able to have one-one consultation with our engineer who will give you the best knowledge about your PC.

PC KEY CALLOUT believes in flexibility, we come to you and repair your PC when you call us. We will reach you same day of your call or any day of the week. If you’re looking for a professional computer repair company in Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield area, kindly call us on 07768 770600. Or visit our website:






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