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Computer Repairs On Site VS In Shop


Computer Repair Services

Computer Repairs inshop vs Onsite

Computer repairs On site VS in shop There seem to be two opposite chains of thoughts when it’s time to choose from running computer maintenance or consulting business from home. Many people believe in order to good work and make the profit you need to take the customers computer to your shop. However, there are many computer engineers who repair computers at their customer’s home and don’t bring any work back home with them.

The Best Way To Select A Computer Repair

The best thing to start off doing is to write down all the pro’s and con’s of both situations and see how they better each other.  The following mainly shows the most important factors thought about when considering either scenario.

Onsite Computer Repair



You are completely focused on the task and so will be able to repair and finish the task sooner.There could be other distractions which you’re not used to such as pets, kids and various other noises
Less liability concerns.You can’t research solutions halfway through the repair.
Once repaired, you’re finished.The customer could be looking over your shoulder the whole time which could be very intimidating and you can’t concentrate.
Customers are more at ease when they can see what is happening to their computer in front of them. When the computer is running a scan, update or clean-up you can’t do anything other than to sit and wait.
Customers are more content as the engineer comes when it’s convenient for the customer.
If you need to ask any questions regarding the customer’s computer, they are right there so you can ask and then get on with the repair with no distractions.


In shop Computer Repair



Less Distractions.Increase travel, pick up and then go back to drop off.
There can be more than one person working on the same repair.If you need additional information about the computer, the only contact is a phone which can sometimes take a long time to reach the customer.
You can work on more than one system at a time.Liability is a huge worry.
There is less pressure as you are able to work at your own pace.The problem could be related to the customers home such as network set up, the location of the computer which then you cannot get access to.
You are able to access all your tools and equipment. You need to have suitable transport to carry all pieces of equipment.
It makes it easier to procrastinate and leave the job for later.


To conclude to make the right decisions suitable for you, you need to look at all of the above and decide what best adapts to your situation. You need to think about what kind of work you specifically want to do if you want to mostly do hardware repairs, software troubleshooting, data recovery or training. Some of these repairs are better completed as an onsite repair whereas others require special equipment or intense focus which can happen In your own shop.


You need to think about who you want your customers to be and where from. If you only want customers from your immediate area its less hassle to pick and drop off repairs. On the other hand, if your client base is larger, its time saving if your work onsite.


Finally, you need to make sure you have enough room to accommodate many systems. You will need a full working system with power, monitor and connection setup. Also, make sure your vehicle is suitable with transporting computers.


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Computer Repair Services



Your home computer is broken, are you seeing for home computer repairs? what now?  Having a broken computer is not a good thing, where to start? Do you call someone to come and repair it at home or do you unplug everything and go to a computer shop? Do you do an online computer repair and using the internet try and fix your computer yourself?


Options For Computer Repairs: 

  • DIY Computer Repair

    There are many websites which can help you to discover the problem with your computer and how to repair. Our website PCKEY CALLOUT is a great resource for this. Our website has all the information you need to find out what is wrong with your computer and the best way to repair.


  • Online Computer Repair

    If you can’t or don’t have time to take your computer to a repair shop, online computer repair is available as an alternative. If your computer is able to boot and you can access the internet, you can find help online. Online computer repair services will use a type of application so they can access your computer remotely. If you find your computer has many viruses, it would be better to seek a computer engineer who can remove them quickly and at an affordable price like PCKEY CALLOUT.


  • Home Computer Repair

    Home computer repair gives you the chance of exactly that, a chance to have a computer engineer come to your home to repair your computer. Who you call depends if you get a good or bad experience. Engineers can also offer you upgrades on your software and hardware.  Do your research and you could find a really good computer repair company who repair at Home, such as PCKEY CALLOUT.


To conclude you don’t need to panic if your computer appears broken. Do your research and of course, it will cost some money to repair your computer. After all computers are machines and in the end, they do break. The important issue is to find what works best for you.  You want your computer repaired at home as soon as possible at an affordable rate. So, contact PcKey Callout at Below Details.


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Best Free Antivirus – Which One?


Computer Repair Services

laptop virus remove at home


There are so many different types, versions, brands of Best Free antivirus software out there. It’s hard deciding which one is right for you and your computer laptop and mobile.


To start off with you need to find out what antivirus solution works with your computer’s operating system. Any brand of computer/laptop can catch a virus or malware even if you have a Mac.


When deciding what Best Free antivirus system/software/programme to get, you need to look at the prices as well as the features. When looking for anti-virus software’s you will see that many of them are offered through subscription where you either pay annually or monthly. With having them subscription based you are able to access all the important software updates so the more you can pay, the better protection you get.

Home and business Best free antivirus

Some Home and business do have a Best free antivirus download option, but keep in mind that this will not have the same level of protection, also with the free versions they do not run effective scans and so we would recommend spending bit of money on a proper protection software, not the Best Free Antivirus. You may find some of the cheaper programmes will offer the same features as the more expensive ones, but their database of viruses won’t be up to date so it’s not worth spending the money.


Another issue you should consider and ask yourself is what and where you use your device for. You need to ask yourself if your software protects you with online banking, with webcam and external devices and also does it have a secure protection with your router?


Your Anti-virus software should contain the following features:



Exploit Blocker

This will block attacks which are designed to attack the antivirus detection

Anti Spam

This will help keep unnecessary

and unwanted email from your mailbox

Anti Virus and AntiSpyware

Complete protection against all types of online and offline hacks

Personal firewall

This will stop hackers from having to access you your computer as well as stay invisible to other people when using public WI-Fi

Webcam protection

Getting a notification when someone tries to access your webcam

Home network protection

Check your home router for any traffic


This will help stops attempts to gain sensitive information such as passwords, banking details from fake websites

Script based

Stop any script based malware attacks

Secure data

Keep your data safe on your laptop or USB with secure encryption

Banking and payment protection

Automatic protection on online banking websites

Keep your money secure with safe browsers

Botnet protection

Protect against any botnet malware attacks


This will help you find your laptop when stolen


You may think you don’t need any antivirus installed on your laptop because you have a Mac. This is not true, although they are less likely to have a virus because of how they are built. However, there are more windows than Mac’s so they are less targeted but they are coming to the rise so having protection will be worth it.


Once you have installed your paid antivirus software, you cannot just leave it. It doesn’t matter how expensive it is you need to do the security updates and Antivirus updates on your computer regularly. You need to make sure your software updates and be careful with suspicious email, websites, and downloads.


If your computer/laptop has been effected by a virus/malware and you need help, contact PcKey Callout on 08002707275. We will be able to repair your Laptop or computer and get it virus free as well as with your consent install antivirus software for you and get it set up and running. We will show you how to do all the scans and regular updates, so you know how simple it is to do. Give us a call on 07768770600 or visit our website.


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6 Common Computer Problems


Computer Repair Services

6 Common Computer Problems


Computer problems can be really frustrating and if it’s got more than one trying to differentiate between which one is a software problem and which one is hardware related. Most hardware and software problems have similar symptoms.


Below are some common computer problems and the easy way on how to differentiate if they are hardware or software related.


Failing to boot-

If you turn on your computer but it decides not to run then this has something to do with the hardware. The issue could be as simple as a loose connection within the computer or it could be something much more complicated such as a problematic hardware. On the other hand if your computer does start but begins to fail when booting up then this could be either a software or hardware issue. When this is the issue you should do a reinstallation of the operating system. If this does not help, then it means there is an hardware problem. A corrupted CPU could be the reason behind not booting at all. If your CPU is overheating it could lead to a blue screen when it is under load. A damaged power supply could be hard to recognize. A faulty power supply happens when there is too much power being sent to components and it can cause damage to it and overtime causing malfunction. Once the power supply is dead the computer won’t turn on when pressing the power button.


Blue screen problems-

This is a sign that there is some malfunction in the hardware or poorly programmed drivers. If you come across a blue screen problem you need to check all the recent installed hardware or installed drivers. If you find there is no problem with the drivers, the problem could be with the graphic card, RAM or motherboard.


Corrupted files-

If your files begin to become corrupt then the hard drive is the problem. If you find that it is taking a long time to open because there could be some virus or malware attack. You need to do a full scan and if you find there are no viruses it means the hard drive is the problem and is at fault.


Missing DLL File-

DLL Stand for Dynamic-Link Library (DLL) contain the information for your windows on how to do operations also they are skilled of clutching code and multiple procedures. Sometimes you lose the DLL files or damages it. When your computer trying to do certain operation then that specific DLL file is missing or Corrupted. then you cannot do anything on your computer. If you are facing message for DLL files. you can restore your computer to make it up and running.


Computer crashes randomly-

The RAM is the problem which could result in crashes, blue screen or file corruption. The data which is written on the RAM is for short term storage and with a fault RAM the storage could come to incorrect value.



To make sure your CPU does not overheat and if the fan is faulty in the computer it could result in overheating as well as cause CPU or graphic card problems. If there is it will result in computer crashing and not booting in the end.

Repairing a software problem can be much easier than a hardware issue bit with good reliable computer repair services fixing either software or hardware will be as simple as each other.


Contact Details-

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Computer Keeps Restarting


Computer Repair Services

Computer Keeps Restarting

Computer Keeps Restarting

If you find your computer keeps restarting a lot it could be fixed in software but there are many different things which can cause the system to crash and keep rebooting in Window 7, Window 8.1 and Window 10 etc. More advanced operating systems do not produce BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) and instead windows will restart the computer and hope for the best. The assumption is if something important within the operating system failed, doing a reboot would fix it. This is sometime true, however if a computer is having hardware problems a simple reboot may not work. You should isolate the source first to start fixing the computer restart problem.

To fix a computer restart problem do the following:

  • Switch off the automatically restart option
  • Use Hardware/Software Manual to analyse your files which are BSOD files (Blue Screen of Death)
  • Restart in Safe Mode
  • BSOD’S are caused through driver issues, however hardware errors can also cause this so be sure to check your hard drive and memory.

Automatic Restart

if you find your computer keeps restarting, turn off the automatic restart by right clicking on My computer and choosing properties. Below the advanced tabs, look for Startup and recovery below the setting find and uncheck the automatically restart option. Once your system crashes and you receive a blue screen error which will have some information you can use to find a fix for your restart issue.  You can even write all the errors down and contact us at PCKEY CALLOUT for computer repair.

Safe Mode

Restart your computer and press F8 from your keyboard to enter into safe mode with networking. Using safe mode means you are able to uninstall any new installed software which may be causing the crash. You are also able to update drivers, do system restore and scan and remove any malware which could be found causing the restart to happen.  By rung the software in safe mode for a long time, it shows the problem is related to software. If this isn’t the case and it still keeps restarting/shutting down it means it is a hardware problem.

Scan Your Memory If Computer Keeps Restarting

You are able to run utilities in Windows which can scan your memory and hard disk for errors. If you find you have a faulty RAM, this can cause big problems with your system.

To scan your RAM you will need third party software. You need download and burn the image to a CD or disk and reboot to that drive to start the scan. You might need to change the way your PC start in the BIOS. If it’s a CD go into the BIOS setup to and make sure the CD ROM is the first boot sequence option. If you’re running Vista, you can access their RAM scanner by going to the Administrative Tools area of the Control Panel. Within that section, look for the Memory Diagnostic Tool. Different Operating system i.e Window 7, 8.1 and 10 have different options.

To check errors, scan your HDD by opening My Computer and right clicking the C drive. Choose properties and under the tools tab, look for error checking area and click the check now button. Check both the options and press ok. Then the computer will run a in-depth scan the next time the system boots.

If you find your computer is still restarting, you can try flashing the BIOS. If you find a known flaw with hardware on a machine which software can fix, BIOS can update which is issued by a manufacturer. Contact the manufacturer of the computer or the motherboard for details on how to flash the BIOS.

After this if it is still restarting, you can try and replace the power supply, then replace the motherboard. Replacing the power supply is the cheapest and easiest thing to replace and is sometimes the source of the problem of reboots and shutdowns. Don’t buy the cheapest power supply you can as that is not always the best choice. Choose a name brand which you recognise and get the same voltage or greater.

If this doesn’t solve it contact PcKey Callout. An engineer will be come to your home and take a look and find a solution. PcKey Callout Solve all nature of Computer Problems.

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Computer Repair Support Contract Maintenance


Announcements Computer Repair Services

Computer Repair Support Contract Maintenance

Weekly Computer Maintenance

Computer Repair Support Contract Maintenance makes life easy for everyone. Your computer is a machine and machines require maintenance, now unlike a car which requires routine maintenance computers need weekly, monthly and annual maintenance.  Computer maintenance should happen at time intervals and if ignored it could mean your computer could suffer and you could experience failures in your computer’s system. Through getting your computer maintained it will help you keep your computer running well and optimised for years to come.

Schedule: Weekly Computer Maintenance

Having time to do a weekly maintenance on your computer manually is hard work and for most people inevitable. So setting your computer automatically to perform the maintenance on your windows computer would really benefit you.

  • Backing up: Start off by backing up your data, the best way to do this is by backing your files to an external hard drive. You can schedule backup’s using task scheduler. If you have a windows 7 computer you can go to your control panel, system and then to security. Click on backup and restore and enable and configure a backup schedule. Some good external hard drives you should back up on would be from brands such as Western Digital etc
  • Disk cleanup: Start off by going to Start-Programs-System tools and click on Disk Cleanup. Then Windows will have a look at your temporary internet files, recycle bins and other files which are safe to delete from your computer. You can schedule a Disk cleanup you need to; press start- programs-accessories-system tools-task scheduler. Press action and then create a basic task. Enter in a name, click next and choose weekly for. After this set a time for the Disk cleanup to happen and then click next. Press start program and then after click browse and then enter ‘cleanmgr.exe’ into the name box. Click open, next and you’re finished.
  • Full virus scan: Even though it is useful to have a virus scanner which updates daily and provides on spot protection, you should also run a full virus scan once a week.

Schedule: Monthly Computer Maintenance

  • Disk Defragmenter: This reorganises your data from your hard drive in your computer so it can access files faster.
  • Clean your computer: This all depends on where your computer is located but you should try and vacuum around the area of your computer. You should also check the internal and external fans to make sure they are hair and dusts free which if not removed can cause heat to build up in your computer.
  • Software Update: Majority software will automatically remind you when an update is ready to be downloaded. The updates normally consist of security fixes which should be installed right away.
  • Hardware Diagnostics: Run Check Disk monthly to check for impending computer hard drive failure. Right-click the C: drive and click Properties, click the Tools tab, and then the Check now button within the Error-checking section.

Schedule: Annual Computer Maintenance

System Recovery: No matter how hard you try, your computer will start to slow down. If you don’t have a Windows installation disk, you should then burn the recovery disks for your computer and put them somewhere you will remember. If you have a Dell, HP, Sony VAIO or Acer computer to repairs, they will have a service to create these disks. Use this to wipe and restore your computer to factory settings at least once annually. First backup your data and then do this and your computer will start running like new.

Computer Repair Support Contract

PcKey Callout Offer Computer Repair Support Contract Maintenance for Computer Laptop & Desktop Repair Support on annual basis. You just have to pay monthly subscription fees then we are just one call away. You can call us any time you want to repair your computer. (Sign Up Here)

Area We Are Covering for Computer Support Contract in West Yorkshire (Baildon, Batley, Bingley, Bradford, Brighouse, Castleford, Cleckheaton, Denholme, Dewsbury, Elland, Farsley, Featherstone, Guiseley, Halifax, Hebden Bridge, Heckmondwike, Hemsworth, Holmfirth, Horsforth, Huddersfield, Ilkley, Keighley, Knottingley, Leeds, Mirfield, Morley, Normanton, Ossett, Otley, Pontefract, Pudsey, Rothwell, Shipley, Silsden, South Elmsall, South Kirkby, Sowerby Bridge, Todmorden, Wetherby, Yeadon)

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How to fix Windows Update in Windows 10 stuck or Frozen


Announcements Computer Repair Services How To

Windows 10 update taking place today,

how will this update change your PC?

windows 10 creators updateWindows 10 stuck or Frozen: Wawoooo Finally, Microsoft is releasing their next windows 10 update called April 2018 update today and below are information on the big features that are arriving to your PC. Also upgrading will be simpler but some computer will face window 10 stuck or frozen during updates.

Windows 10 stuck or Frozen?

This software will bring the normal security patches and repairs but as well as this there are new features which are there to get users to enjoy using their PC’s better.


Microsoft has also made upgrading much simpler and easier so that worry is no more.


Microsoft listened to their home and office customers and has made switching to the latest software a much faster process.


Instead of the long 82 minute update time online or the 51 minute update time offline, the April update should take only 30 minutes.


If you are looking to starting the upgrade, here are some of the new features coming to windows 10.


Microsoft has listened to their customers and knows that they are getting preoccupied with emails, messages and many social media notifications.


With this new update, they have added something called Focus Assist which helps disabling all these notifications.


It’s the user’s decision; they can either turn on the Focus Assist when they think they need it or put it on automatically at particular times of the day.


The best thing is that if you are busy doing Assignments and work, once finished you will be presented with all the notifications you missed during the time you were on focus mode.


Don’t worry about missing any important messages because the creators have made it able to set particular contacts to break through the system.


Edge is getting better day by day

Google chrome is doing well with internet browsers but Microsoft is working day and night to make sure their Edge browser is keeping up with its competition.


The new features on Edge are bringing fewer interruptions when browsing the web and they have added a new audio symbol to mute and unmute when a tab is playing a sound.


Also books, PDFs and reading view pages will go full-screen and distraction-free reading experience and shopping online gets easier because your address, payment and other information can be saved securely with the choice to use auto fill on web payments.


There is also a great feature when printing from the web as the choice brings printing with a cleaner and clutter free format.


New timeline

The creators at Microsoft want to make everything simpler for windows 10 home and office users. This is why they have come with Timeline.  This will allow you to go back in time back to 30 days to search for their files.


This even works with all different platforms, so you can find things you have been working on when using a tablet, laptop or phone.


Talking to your PC

If you get tired of using your fingers, the new windows 10 update will help.


Microsoft is improving its dictation experience with users being able to interact more precisely with their PCs via speech.


It will now be easier than ever to take a note or write a paper with the use of just your voice.


You need to simply press Win+H and begin talking.


This windows 10 fall update April 2018 will be available as a free download starting Today, Yes Today.


Windows 10 stuck or Frozen


Windows 10 Creators Update Errors

If your window 10 Creators update got following errors YES, WE CAN RESOLVE FOLLOWING ERRORS


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Check our Windows installation Services:

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PC Technician: How to Describe Your Problem


Computer Repair Services

PC technician near me

PC Technician: Are you looking for PC Technician near me? Ok, so you have decided that you are not able to repair the computer yourself as you don’t want to cause further damage, you still need to find out what the actual problem is with your PC and how to express the problem to the PC technician when you find Trusted Professional Computer Repair Company i.e PcKey Callout (Home Computer Repairs).


When talking to a computer PC technician simply stating your PC just isn’t working most times is not enough. Some PC technicians need more information as to what is happening to your PC. Now obviously you won’t know all the technical terms but using the tips explained below may help you when describing your issue with the technician.


Be Prepared

You need to be prepared to explain your PC problem to the technician before you begin posting for help on any social networking sites, forums and website.Laptop Repair Near Me


By being prepared you will be able to describe your problem to the PC technicians much more clearly and you will have a better understanding of what you’re saying. After this, the PC technician will be able to specifically diagnose what the problem relating to your PC actually is which means you will be able to get the proper repair without no time wasting and your money won’t be misused.


Obviously, depending on your PC problem, the information you prepare will vary but some things you should remember are:


  • What have you already done to solve the issue
  • If your PC screen has an error message, what is it?
  • If your PC does not have an error message, what is the PC actually doing
  • Did anything else occur with this problem (BSOD, Virus warning)
  • When did the issue on your PC start?
  • Since the PC problem started, has there been any change ( error messages comes at a different time)


Be Specific

This is explained a little above, but you need to be thorough. This is important for you and for the PC technician. YouComputer Repair Near Me need to explain everything which is happening with your PC from beginning to end in as much detail as possible to the technician so you can get the proper repair.


Being vague and just stating your PC isn’t working does not give technician any clue with what is actually going on. There are hundreds of ways a PC stops working and the repair can vary with the extent of damage.


You also need to make sure to let the PC technician know the make and model of your PC, Laptop as well as what operating system you are using. An example would be: “I ’ve tried turning on the power button on my Laptop (Dell N1510) and it won’t turn on. I’ve put the battery in, this works but the laptop still won’t turn on. It’s running Windows 10.”


Be Clear

To make sure you get the best repair, communication is vital. You need to properly be able to describe your PC Home Computer Repairsproblem to a technician. You want the technician to help fix your PC problem, so you need to be as clear as possible with them so they have a good understanding.


If you’re getting help online, make sure to reread what you write and writing Thank you in between the discussion will help as the service you’re getting is probably free. Also, don’t use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.


If your describing your problem on the phone makes sure there is no surrounding noise as this will make it harder for the PC technician to understand what you’re saying.


If you’re getting help in person, communication is vital and you need to speak clearly and properly explaining everything is detail. Also being polite never hurt anyone.


All our individuals now Recommend PcKey Callout Home Computer repairs Services so you can deal in person with PC Technician.


Be Calm

PC problems are an issue nobody wants to have but getting frustrated and worried won’t help the situation and couldOnsite Computer Repairs actually delay the repair.


Even though the person you are talking to is a computer technician, they did not make the hardware or software which is causing you issues.  They know about these issues and they can help but they are not the cause of your PC playing up.


Make sure to be nice and grateful when getting help online even if it’s just from a social networking site, forum and Website. They are there because they want to help people like you as they have the knowledge.


You decide what information you want to give out there so the more detail you give, the better answer you will receive. Be as clear as you can and communicate well.


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Fix Overheating Laptop and PC Complete Guide


Computer Repair Services

Fix Overheating Laptop

Fix Overheating Laptop: PcKey Callout is the best solution for all your laptop and Computer problems including laptop overheating problems you may have. This repair is done right at your home.

Any work cannot be done now without the use of a laptop. Everyone has become very dependent on the laptop device and most everyday things cannot be done without the use of one whether it is personal or business related, most jobs cannot do without one.

Laptops are used for many things; writing, sharing, reports, doing projects, preparing a presentation or just using the laptop for entertainment reasons. However overtime with the use of the laptop it can start to damage.

Fix Overheating Laptop

Using any Electrical Device for a long time over and over again is going to cause damage. Too much use and overuse of laptops can cause overheating which can lead to the decrease in battery life which then will cause power problems. At PcKey Callout, we make sure to provide you with our best service for any laptop problem you are dealing with.

CPU overheating, The cooling of the CPU within laptops is usually done through a special fan and a metal conductor which is normally made of aluminum/copper plate. The conductor connected with a thermal grease makes heat without producing electricity. However the manufacturers will usually try and reduce the heat production. Due to overuse and accumulation of overtime, dust which enters the laptops, all the particles will begin to block the air vents which will cause an overall heating problem. Due to dust build up the over speed running of the fan can reduce the performance of the CPU. Particular software may be the reason for the laptop overheating, this can cause functioning problems and slowing the system and Laptop keep shutting down. A way to fix this would be to remove the battery and the back cover and give it a good clean. To do this you would need special tools and need to take extra care.


Fix Overheating Laptop Tips: How to stop laptop from overheating

  • Don’t use your laptop whilst it’s on charge as it will lead to extra heating
  • Put your laptop on charge before it completely shuts off
  • Replacing the laptop battery is another solution for laptop heating
  • Use cooling panels which you can get from Laptop repair shops. They can be connected to the lap just like a USB.
  • It’s better not to keep your laptop on the bed; this will only increase the heat. Putting the laptop the table or using a board underneath the laptop will reduce the amount of heating.
  • Keep the laptop away from foods and drinks. Crumbs from food falling inside can cause blockage which then prevents full air circulation inside the laptop.
  • PC Overheating can also be caused by a blocked fan.


PcKey Callout provides expert Laptop and PC Repair services on overheating and battery repairs as well as other laptop repairs at home.


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Windows Blue Screen Of Death Complete Guide


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How To Fix Windows Blue Screen Errors:

Windows Blue Screen: Most windows users think they need a computer engineer to troubleshoot blue screen errors and fix windows 10 errors. These errors are no doubt harder to fix than other common application errors such as DLL and EXE errors.   However before going to see a computer engineer there are some simple troubleshooting tips which you could try. These steps not only fix blue screen errors but if performed regularly ensure the errors do not come back.

windows blue screen of death
 Tips To Fix Window Blue Screen Of Death

Windows blue screen of death are mostly caused by faulty apps or be a driver issue. To find what the problem is you can run the program called ‘who crashed’. This deciphers the blue screen error code and gives the name of the problem.

Wrong programs, if on a computer can cause all different types of errors such as the stop error. If you find your computer is creating random errors or behaving in an odd way, run a malware scan to bring your computers system back to itself.

Before starting to run your malware scan to check malware infection, make sure you use your anti-malware tool to update your software with the latest security updates and disconnect your computer from the internet.  After this reboot windows into safe mode. To boot to safe mode you need to:

  • Terminate all running programs and restart your computer.
  • Press the F8 key while windows reloads
  • Choose the safe mode option in the advanced windows boot option menu and then click enter.


Once windows are rebooted into safe mode, open your anti-malware tool and start complete system scan. Next delete the threats notified from the scan on your computer.  It is important to practise safe mode computer habits so you can ensure your PC does not get infected again. Some safe computer habits you can use are:

  • Keep your anti-malware tool updated and schedule regular anti-malware scans.
  • Install a robust firewall.
  • Scan any e-mail attachment before opening it.
  • Scan any external device upon attaching it to your computer.
  • Stay away from dubious websites.
  • Download new software, programs, and files from the Internet only if you trust the source.


Clean Registry To Fix Windows 10 And Other Errors

This is a important component of any windows operating system. This provides the operating system with the important information which requires completing different tasks. If the information in the registry is wrong or missing this could mean a big problem.  Fixing computer stop errors which happen due to the registry clean this using advanced registry maintenance software. A clean registry not only improves system performance but keeps errors at a minimum.


Update Apps

Outdated programs are another cause of application and system errors. In your control panel look into your programs and features section and remove any outdated programs and install updated versions.


Update Windows And Built-In Driver Files

Enable the built in automatic update feature so you can have new windows updates automatically installed.


Third Party Drivers

Don’t use third party drivers as they can create more problems than what you started with.

Using the methods above will reduce the number of errors.  If after this you need help, then go to a computer engineer such as PcKey Callout who can fix your computer onsite.


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