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Home Computer Repairs: What Experts Are Saying


Home Computer Repairs: With the continuous technological advancement, the dependency on computers for personal and in particular, business use is more and more increasing.  They have become much more than just an electronic machine that helps in calculations. In conjunction with the internet, computers help us to connect with people all over the world and get information virtually on anything.

Home Computer Repairs Experts Views:

As good as computers can be towards making our lives easier, they can also develop faults. And most times when they do, it is usually when we least expected. Have you noticed your computer is not working as it should? Then you need to have it repaired. You can either repair it yourself or contact a home computer repair expert.


Making an attempt to repair the computer by yourself is not advisable if you are not an expert as you may end up causing more damage to your computer. Be it Laptop repair services, computer repair services, and others, a reliable home computer repair services are always available. They have the needed tools, experience and knowledge to diagnose and fix any PC breakdown you may experience, bringing your computer back to its normal working condition. Apart from the fact that a quick fix will help to restore your Computer, calling the attention of a home computer repair expert is also exceptionally helpful as it can help you avoid the need to buy a brand new PC.


Services offered by home computer repair technician

A few services offered by computer repair companies in Leeds, West Yorkshire include network administration, spyware removal, and protection, wireless network setup, virus removal and protection among many others. Yet looking for Home Computer Repairs? We are here to help you!


Finding a reliable home computer repair expert

To find a repair company in Leeds, you may ask your neighbor and friends about a reliable home Computer Repair Company that had helped them fixed their troubled laptop and computers. In addition, you can as well seek help from the internet. Try the search for Leeds computer repair directory to see the various choices that you have. Thereafter, get contact numbers of some computer repair specialists in your area and call them. Request about their home computer repair services and their price ranges, and see if the services offer, suit your needs. Looking for a reliable and local home computer repair technician? Your best choice is to contact us here.


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Solid State Drive: The Rise of The Solid State Drive


Solid State Drive: The becoming of the SSD (Solid State Drive) which is the modern technology in data storage. The main question is whether people should get it in replace of the Magnetic Hard Disk drive. There is still some life in the older Magnetic Hard Disk Drive and it will carry on like this until the price per GB of storage with the SSD’S bridges the gap to the price per GB of storage for Hard Disk drives. The gap is getting closer and closer to reaching but there is still around a year or so before the SSD becomes cost effective to have it as your only method of storage.

Solid State Drive Price:

The cost of an SSD drive is around 8 times more than the Hard Disk Drive. The main advantage of having an SSD drive to Hard Disk Drive is that it is one of the most effective methods of speeding up your PC and so using the SSD drive in conjunction with your Hard Disk Drive will be a great way to optimize your computer.


For example, if you have a computer that has come to have a slow boot up time over time of usage and waiting for the operating system to load was taking what seemed like forever from the Hard Disk Drive. The most effective way to help this so your computer would speed up and no data would be lost would be to use an SSD drive to as a boot drive to store both windows and many programs and then use the higher storage of the Hard Disk Drive to keep all your important documents and media. By doing this, your PC will boot up much for faster and would be more responsive.


To conclude the SSD is more expensive than the original Hard Disk Drive but the benefits it can bring to your PC are just unbelievable. So through using both it is a good way of bringing new life into your computers operating system and making it work like new.


If you need any more advice of help with the Solid State Drive do not hesitate to contact PCKEY. Our engineers are fully knowledgeable in all aspects and would be able to help you, install and get everything up and running for you without losing any of your data.

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PC Repair Expert Comments About Blue Screen Errors


PC Repair Expert: Microsoft warns about the new malware behind user’s screen. Like most malwares, this is about taking money from users.  if you get a blue screen error, DO NOT contact the support number on the screen as they want you to spend money on services which are not real and do not work. If you are skeptical when getting a blue screen and are confused, call on 07768770600 now. We are able to offer you full support as well as come at your convenience and do PC repair in front of you.


Software behind Blue Screen of Death

This software that hides behind the blue screen acts as a new installation for Microsoft Security Essentials. This is an anti-malware solution for previous windows such as Windows 7 and is still used a lot today.

Microsoft have warned of this as they say they never display numbers or services on their screen and if encountered it is fake.

Microsoft also warns explicitly that this blue screen error message from Windows 8 and 10 is very similar and hence the user of the current operating systems are the target of hackers.

PC Repair Expert

Is the malware on the computer?

This software is called Hicurdismos. This is installed on your PC through a drive by download so it probably goes unnoticed. Once installed the malware exploits vulnerabilities on your browser.  The Hicurdismos installer (right) looks the same as the real MSE installation package from Microsoft.

Once fully installed, the fake blue screen comes on. The cursor disappears and then you are not able to activate the task manager. At this point you cannot do anything to stop it. Even when you restart your computer the blue screen loads and appears.


Fake Blue Screen on the computer – now what?

Do not worry, call PCKEY now. We have trained engineers who will be able to come at your time and repair your PC for you. We will be able to help fix your PC for you and advise you on how you can save your PC next time. Call now and relax. For more information please visit:

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Windows Updates: Why do updates take so long to install?


Those windows updates that just keep on appearing but do we actually want them?


PC REPAIR Engineer start with the real question is why do we really need these windows updates? The reason is Microsoft did not ever think their operating system would become open to a hacker or virus or any kind or threat so it’s taking some of its code and improving it as well as adding some slow-moving software updates to fix it.

Windows updates

So why do they take so long to install?


Once you click the windows icon on your computer, these are the steps Microsoft takes:


  • Microsoft start up by running a detailed inventory of what needs to be updated or what can from most important to optional updates.


  • Next the Microsoft server downloads, extracts and verifies the updates


  • Then do the updates actually start installing. This means the computer has to stop all services, copy files, check files look for consistency and then the services are started again.


  • A double-check happens as well where Microsoft will re-check making sure all setting were applied correctly after the updates and are all working consistently.


  • Now thinking that would be then end, when you press the restart button, windows then begins to install the update that failed to run with the previous installation. This is the most time consuming part. Sometimes it can even take hours to complete!!


The point to note is that you should expect windows updates to be quick and more will come with every restart. If you find yourself having a windows update issue which is quite common as there are many windows updates installed and is one goes wrong the whole lot fail. You can try installing an update at a time or seek help. PCKEY CALLOUT has experts to help with windows 10 update, windows 8 update, windows 7 update & Microsoft updated etc Give us a call now on 07768770600 if you find yourself in a situation where windows update not working. Visit

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Repair My Laptop: Should I Repair My Laptop?


Repair My Laptop: Debating when and if you should send in your Laptop for repair is not as simple as it seems. Finding the right repair company is difficult as you want to make sure your getting a fair price for your repair as well as wanting trustworthy PC Repair company.

The most important issue you want to make sure that the problem with the laptop is not something simple which you could have fixed yourself. Why not someone come to you home and fixed in front of you.
There are many different elements to consider when deciding to repair your laptop and not just deciding to purchase a new one.

 Repair My Laptop

Pckey Repair Tips:

  • Make sure you have fully checked your laptop to make sure it’s not a simple fix.
  • If your having a certain problem with your laptop, check the manufacturers website for any answers.
  • You may be able to fix the problem with your laptop through installing any software upgrades for it.
  • Always check to see if your laptop is in warranty as your may be able to get your repair done for free or at a much lower cost.
  • Check the manual with the laptop for any ‘troubleshooting tips’.
  • Before choosing the costs of a repair consider how the laptop has been treated. If it has been rough handled a few times, lifespan is shortened and it might be better to purchase a new one rather than spending a lot on pc repair.
  • Back up any files or photos that are important to you, so if you need to give it up it won’t be too much of an emotional time.
  • If your laptop is an older model it may not be worth repairing.


Always make sure you have gone through your options when deciding to repair and have chosen a reputable company such as PCKEY CALLOUT who are no ONE at home PC Repair Company. For more information on our services visit our website


Reliable PC repair in Chapel Allerton, Armley, Beeston, Bramley, Farnley, Headingley, Burley, Holbeck, Hunslet, PotternewtonWortley and many more areas for details information please call us on 07768770600.

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Hacks & Attacks: They are Being Reported By Yahoo


Hacks & Attacks: Have a yahoo email? Your account might be one of the many that have been hacked recently. Yahoo’s email servers have been receiving the two biggest breaches every in internet history since 2013.


Yahoo has issued a short statement, as followed:

“Based on the ongoing investigation, we believe a forged cookie may have been used in 2015 or 2016 to access your account.”

This hack is very cleverly thought out and creative as it doesn’t involve taking passwords. The way they hack is by making the users web browser tell yahoo that the user has already logged in and thus forging a cookie that the browser uses to track. Through this you are able to close your browser and open it again without needing to log in every time.


Not only is this an inconvenience but it also could be identity theft and loss of trust. This means the company has a loss in valuation. No system will be 100% completely secure, this shows how much of an economic effect it can have to your business if you come across this kind of attack. Every day there are million of Hacks & Attacks. Safe yoursefl from PC Hacks & Attacks.


If you use yahoo email, first thing is to change your password and make sure your security measures are updated and fully working to the best effect they could be. If you have any problems in updating, installing any types of security and antivirus, call PCKEY and we will be able to come to you and secure your PC in front on you.


T: 07768770600

E: [email protected]


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Computer Health Check & Repair Services


Computer Health Check: If you use your computer at home or in a business environment everyday and heavily rely on the operating system such as windows to stay correct, then your computer would highly benefit from a PCKEY CALLOUT Health check.

If your computer is taking it’s time to run, slowly booting up or even just not behaving the way it normally does then it is time for your computer to get its own health check. When we are not well we get an health check from our doctors. This is the same with your computer, when it’s not acting properly then it needs to get a health check from computer repairs and who better than PCKEY CALLOUT.

Computer Health Check:

At PCKEY CALLOUT our Computer health check goes through the following:

  • Deconstruction of your main hard drive
  • Hygiene service
  • Spyware scan and removal
  • Update of all systems (windows, software and drivers)
  • Virus scan and removal
  • Removal of any junk
  • Full cleaning of the computer with screen


At PCKEY CALLOUT, we come to you at home or work and at a time to suit you to scan PC. No-one knows your computer better than you do so if you feel your computer is acting up and causing many problems, please visit our website and arrange a booking. For more information please visit

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Healthy Hard Drive Can Help to Protect Your Future


Healthy Hard Drive: Weather you have a business or are just a at home computer user, the harsh reality of hard drives is what everyone deals with. They do work as well as they used to and sometimes you may find that your data has disappeared.  You may not always know when your hard drive is starting to fail as sometimes a noise or sound may not appear. Healthy Hard Drive has not this type of issues. It leaves many people questioning whether the hard drive is starting to fail or if it’s a onetime fluke. An average hard drive last from 3 to 5 years and so they do not have much life so for many businesses that use hard drives on a daily basis this can be an irritating problem.

Your hard drive may still be responding and there are many different software products that can be used to help assess the damage of the hard drive. However the quality of the software’s can differ with some causing little to no further damage and other which can cause more damage to the hard drive.

How Healthy Hard Drive Can Protect Your Future?

Smart Approach

An important technology used in checking an hard drive is SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology). Most modern hard drives now have the SMART analysis support tools so they are able to check the condition of the media.  These tools have 10 important indications that can be implemented and when it finds failure it can be shown as a “Possible Indicator for an Impending Electromechanical Failure”. After this you will be able to make the decision as to if your hardware needs replacing so you can stop further data loss.

An “SSD Life Left” (Solid State Hard Drive) is a possible attribute as it shows the SSD’S approximate remaining life time. This can come in good use to regularly check the health of your SSD hard drive.


Don’t leave it too late

Many users leave it too late and the damage has already been done before they realise about the SMART tools. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, make sure to use the SMART tools throughout the use of your device regularly so you can keep on monitoring the results.  Sadly most operating system don’t automatically diagnose and give it to the user clearly and so it has to be collected with many different special tools.


What can SMART tools offer?

With SMART tools you can normally perform many different tests with the hard drive. You are able to do a ‘fast test’  which looks into the most important indicators in the firmware of the hard drive which includes bad sectors, reassigned sectors, number of spins taken to reach full speed and more. The test which should be done are the ‘Drive Self Test’ and the ‘short’ or ‘long’ test. This is because in these tests every single part of the hard drive is read which means it will take much longer. These entire tests will give different reports at the end which can then help you have an overall idea on the health of your hard drive.


Seek prevention over cure

Remember no matter how you get the diagnostic, it does not always mean that the hard drive will stop working straight away. However in such cases you should realize that if it is already showing some signs of failure then it will soon breakdown. It may take minutes, days, weeks or months but don’t take that risk or you may end up losing all your data.

Make sure you always back up your data onto another storage device such as an USB hard drive or external hard drive. As a hard drive could fail at any given time make sure you have a current backup. By having this at hand you are able to replace the damaged one with new one as soon as it happens. . A hard drive which does not succeed in SMART tests should not be considered as reliable. If your hard drive does not completely fail, don’t assume everything is okay as it may have damaged parts of your data.

No hardware is perfect and they can also fail without SMART warnings. If you feel you need any help with replacing a hard drive or data backup then contact PCKEY CALLOUT. Our website provides all the Healthy Hard Drive services and information you need. Make a booking now and be guaranteed the best computer repair service.

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Cyber Security Threat on your Personal Computer


Cyber Security Threat: What is Cyber Security? “Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access”

Cyber security needs to get improved while other technologies are improving. Due to rapid improvements in technology, cyber security needs to get upgraded so it can deliver a more safe, secure and manageable security services for the home and office.

Common Cyber Security Threat To be aware of:


These go undetected and are a group of software robots that design a field of infected computers which are controlled by the owner. Your computer may be one of them but you just have no idea. These robots can send many spam emails which come with viruses attached. They can also distribute all different types of malware and could also use your computer as part of a bigger attack on other computer systems.



This is used to describe the steps someone has taken to get access onto your PC without your permission. The more information made available online on hacking makes it very easy and simple for anyone who wants to hack to be able to do the attack with ease. Hacking is a process that cyber criminals use to gain entry onto your computer without your authorization.

Once they have entered your computer, they can do anything. This includes going through your internet security settings and finding weaknesses and then misusing them to get access to your information.  They are also able to install viruses and malware such as Trojan horse which brings an easy route for hackers to enter and find your information.  This is one of the many reasons PC Laptop and computer security is vital.



This is used by cyber criminals as it is simple to carry out and can give the results with minimal effort.  These include creating emails, messages and websites to look real and then send them off to people to gain personal information as well as any financial information they can get their hands on.

Within the fake emails and messages, they ask you for your information in a way you don’t realize is fake such as asking you to confirm or update your account/details. They have presented it in a way where you feel you must answer. Phishing also gives the criminals all security information such as usernames and passwords which they can then login and get access to your accounts and card details.

Check for Malware Removal Service!

Internet security is vital and you need to make sure you have the best internet security possible to stop any cyber-attacks happening to your personal computer, Laptop or Desktop Computer.

Check your Computer through a Trained Computer Engineer if your computer is affected by Cyber Security Threat. Book your engineer via

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PC Support Virus Removal & Repair Services


PC Support Virus Removal: Using more than one ANTIVIRUS software on any windows operating system is not a good idea!

It is very important to protect your computer with the best antivirus software and to check your antivirus removal is updated. It will be no good just to install the software and not regularly update it because then the antivirus software will not work to its full capacity. If not updated your computer may start to behave oddly and may cause a computer crash.

How to avoid a virus:

  • Do not open attachments from unknown emails
  • Avoid clicking pop ups and specially those asking for security details or asking to enable settings.
  • Regularly keep updating
  • Check for windows updates
  • Always scan all your external hard disks and USB’s

.If you have any problems with installing or updating or anything with antivirus contact PCKEY PC REPAIR. We will clean the viruses with virus cleaner to protect your PC and make sure its virus protected. Our Engineers are knowledgeable with installing software’s as well as helping you or who has a viruses on their computer.

For more information please visit

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