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SSD Drives Are Becoming The Standard For Laptops


Computer Repair Services

SSD DrivesSSD Drives: When SSD Drives first came known, it had been said that in time they would take over the aging conventional hard drives for storage use in Laptops/PC’s.  SSD Drives are faster yet more compact which would be better for laptops/PC.  They are still able to give a user everything they want. Hard drives are in much need of an update and this is it. PCKEY CALLOUT Engineers are specialist in changing/replacing/upgrade your computer hard disk to SSD.

This move from hard drives to SSD Drives is happening much faster than initially thought. If this continues at the rate it is, it is estimated that it will be on track to be standard of fully 33% of newly manufactured laptops by the end of this year.  It is said this continuation could cause SSD Drives to be standard in more than half Laptops by end of 2018 which is a huge and quick replacement.

Nothing is ever perfect and this includes SSD Drives but they of course have their advantages such as they are faster and as they are more compact they are made perfect for laptops. There is obviously still more to come in hard drive technology and this is not the end.

Pound for pound this technology is able to provide users with more storage for less money. This sees that in the near future data centers who deal with mass quantities of data will be tough on spending the money on the upgrade to SSD’S even if it has speed advantages.

Soon economies of scale are going to come in for SSD manufacturers and much to an advantage for cost the current hard drives will finish. This is because they will not be able to keep up to date with the fast computing world.

Even if your laptop/computer don’t have SSD drive you don’t need to worry about it. Just call PCKEY CALLOUT to replace your hard drive right now safely and securely.

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PC Security Warnings Must Know 2018


Computer Repair Services

PC Security Warnings
90 Percent of People Ignore Computer Security Warnings

PC Security Warnings: A popup window comes up due to the software you are using saying a urgent update is needed. Most people don’t and instead just carry on with what they are doing and close the popup.

This means it could take much longer for them to update what they were meant to do.  This is a problem because many programs have security flaws which mean it is open to getting hacked.

This type of problem can occur with office and home users when they don’t do important updates. This is why PCKEY CALLOUT is there to help you and resolve all security issues which you are currently facing.

Important PC Security Warnings

One research shows users completely ignore the popup message when they are doing something else. A study found 74% said they ignore the security messages whilst closing their browser whereas 79% said that they ignore the message as they are too occupied doing something else. The last study indicated that 87% skipped the message while uploading files.

The simple message here is that Google has taken this into account and have begun finding options to find what the best time is to display the popup message. For example they are trying to popup message after someone finishes watching a video. It’s too early to say if this will be the case but things are going the right way.

If you find yourself in a situation where the popup messages are slowing your work and are not letting you do important work, always remember PCKEY CALLOUT; why not get a free Quote for computer repair today:

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Malware causing valuable work time


Malware causing: Once malware hits your computer, you lose a lot of hours that you would be better spending on your computer like responding to emails and everyday duties which are disrupted to malware.

On top of malware entering your system, once you have repaired malware through rebuilding your computer it does not mean malware cannot enter your system again. Malware is able to enter the system again at anytime without warning causing your business or home work to be disrupted.

PCKEY CALLOUT computer repair is the solution to your Computer problems. Contact below to fix today. Get our malware removal services.

We are specialists in removing Malware bytes from your computer. So there is no need to worry, call PCKEY CALLOUT today for an instant repair so you can get on with your day.

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Computer Repair: The 15 Most Common Myths About


Computer Repair: If you have a passion for fiddling with computers and love to repair computers then you might have heard some things which aren’t true. For example you probably heard to get a good computer repair job you need to have a certificate. As well as this there are many more myths which I will talk you through that could be looked at. Most computers and computer technicians can face these issues:

You and the technicians

  • In one time computers were so new that only technicians could use them. However now computers are so popular and their construction have become more modern that if tried anyone can possibly troubleshoot and fix the problem.
  • A Flat rate computer repair is never really meant as a full Flat rate computer repair. Most computer repair shops have Flat rate signs but this is only fixed for labor charge. So if any parts are required for your broken computer it is normally above the Flat rate.
  • Trying to fix a computer yourself can sometimes become a recipe for disaster and in most cases instead of fixing your problem you have created more and it’s a big mess.
  • If your technician says your computer is fixed and clean and after that it still does not work don’t be afraid to go to someone else to ask for a second check. However be careful as some technicians might charge a Flat rate just to see the computer.
  • A magnet does not get rid of your data unless the data is on a disc. However on computer hard drives and SD memory cards do not get cleared through a magnet.


  • The more you pay for your part-the better the quality. Most of the time this is not true. If you are on a budget you are still able to get yourself a good computer. All you have to know is if that computer provides everything you need a computer for and look out for any sales or discounts available.
  • You do not need to drain your computer before you recharge.
  • Switching your PC off will not kill your computer instead unsaved data could be lost. However don’t make it a daily to shut down our computer as there may be software updates that install when power off.
  • Speeding up your computer may not make your computer faster but doing this such as upgrading your memory can help the internet go a little faster. Cleaning the computer can help it boost up as well and also make sure you have wireless or wired connection.


  • Having a virus protection programme installed on your computer does not 100% mean you cannot get a virus. There is no one programme that will protect you from all the viruses so the best way to protect yourself is making sure you keep updating your software all the time.
  • Some programmes can make you think you have a virus in your computer and once you start following the directions you might have downloaded the virus. Before continuing anymore to make sure it is a proper programme and that it is coming from where you first installed and if it isn’t do not continue and contact a PCKEY CALLOUT technician.
  • Not one browser is more secure than the other. All of them are at risk of developing a virus.
  • Most computer attacks are caused through worms and viruses and they target random pc’s so organisations can be affected hence firewalls are needed. Always keep your firewall enabled as once a virus hits the firewall sends a warning making you think its secure however once it has entered it can disable the firewall.
  • Viruses cannot physically damage the hardware. It might affect the firmware or BIOS but the hardware is not affected. Just make sure to get it checked.
  • MACs are not viruses free. To protect your MAC just do the same as windows and don’t download from places you don’t know.

If you are in need of an expert, honest and affordable PC Repair, this is the one for you. We pride ourselves on getting it right the first time around and ensure that all PC repairs are done with the utmost of care.

We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly. (Click here for form)

Call right now to PC KEY CALLOUT LEEDS BRADFORD to fix your computer problems. PC KEY CALLOUT is the computer service specialist near me in Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford, Calderdale, West Yorkshire, Leeds, Wakefield, Batley, Keighley and Dewsbury.

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Looking Back into The History of Computer Repairs

HISTORY OF COMPUTER REPAIRS: Computer repairing has not been known for long but has had a rapid turnover of knowledge and skills due to an advance in technology. So as technology improves so will the knowledge and skills of people/businesses for compute repairing. There are some certain aspects which have made the computer repair as advanced as it is today.


The Emergence of Home Computers

At the beginning big companies such as Apple made most of the computers, but as they became cheaper many more companies decided to invest and expand in this industry. As a result of this more computers were produced which meant the repairing industry was expanding and a home computer became popular. Therefore more computers meant the need for more skilled engineers.

Education Part of a Computer Repair Technician’s Job

Before a household computer became common in every home many people just had basic computer skills.  The engineers would have to just encounter basic problems from their customers. So to solve this matter and get people more educated on this the engineers had to educate their customers while repairing their computer.

Try Turning the Power Off and On Again

At the beginning many computers hardware and software would function in the same way as many of the computers. As well as this the market was also known by a number of big brand names. This is a total opposite of today as now there are many hardware and software options available, so much so computer engineers have to keep up with the growing trend of hardware and software.

The Rise of the Internet

The main impact on computer repairing industry today has been the internet and the ay technology has advanced. This has meant that through the increase of internet use the amounts of cybercrime have also increased. This includes viruses or malware used to damage computer systems.

Now there are many different types of malware such as viruses, worms, spyware, Trojan etc. Many computer repair calls are made due to some form of malware entering the computer system.

Do-it-yourself Computer Repairs

Even though the internet has caused the need for computer repairs to increase, at the same time it has also made people trying to do it themselves. They are often typing their problem into the search engine and using online forums and websites to attempt to repair their own computer. This however can sometimes make the problem worse and repair process much difficult and longer.

The Workplace

Computers are everywhere today and are found in many different workplaces and environments. With all different types of businesses realizing the benefits of having computers, this has meant engineers need to be on site and sometimes in not so pleasant locations.

Computer Repair History

This is an overall segment describing the key moments in the development of computer repairs. As technology has advanced so has the requirements in this industry and so people who are interested in this industry have gained much knowledge. This has meant they have been able to adapt to every situation and be able to meet the needs of their customers.

Affordable Computer Repairs and Service

If you have a computer, notebook or even an Apple Mac which is in need of a repair/service please call on 07768 770600 or email us at [email protected] or visit our website with all our information.

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Infected With Malware? How to know? Complete Guide


Infected With Malware: Just imagine you turn on your computer and you wait, it’s been a long time and then when it does start you start to realize everything is slow such as internet and programs. It could be that you could be infected.

How to know if you are Infected With Malware?

To know whether you have been infected, you first you need to pinpoint the problems. Some signs of an infection are:


This is the most obvious one as they want you to know you have got it. The way you will know is that you will get a pop-up which says your files have been encrypted and you have a deadline to pay the ransom otherwise you will not get them back. It means you are Infected With Malware.

Browser redirects

This is when you click a link that you get when you searched for something on ‘my computer’. Once the link opens it shows a different page, you are confused so you head back and try again. The same thing happens and you try over and over again. You keep getting redirected to a different website and this only means a malware infection.

Different home page

You set your homepage to your most used/favorite site. Instead whenever you open your browser comes up as well as some new toolbars. This is an infection.

Bombarded with pop-ups

You start getting pop-ups, not just one but they just keep coming. You close one and another pops up. Some websites come with pop-ups, but if your home screen is full of pop-ups it could either be adware or a spyware infection.

Less obvious signs of infection

Computer running slow

There could be many reasons that could cause a slow computer such as having a lot of programs open at once, it could just mean you don’t have much hard drive space left or you don’t have enough free memory. However if none of these is the case then your computer is infected.

New, unfamiliar icons on desktop

You might have downloaded a piece of software and a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP’S) downloaded with it. So this could mean your computer is heavy on PUP’S which are security companies’ consider malware.

Constant crashing

There could be many reasons why your systems/programs or applications might be crashing such as the need of software/hardware or programs updating. On the other hand some forms of malware like rootkits, go into the computer windows and latch on which creates instability.

Web browser freezes or is unresponsive

Your internet could just be slow; you need to check your wi-fi signal. However if everything is ok then it could be a sign of an infection.

Lots of bounced email

Once in a while when sending an email you have accidently typed in the wrong email and press send. However if you keep getting a number of bounces or emails that have returned to your inbox undelivered then it could be something.

Now either you have been hacked and someone is spamming your contact list or you could have a malware infection. An infected computer send out emails using the address in your computer. If the ‘To’ tab does not work the message bounces back to the ‘from’ which is your address.

Our Engineers are expert enough to resolve any PC/Laptop/Computer problems. Call us now. PC KEY CALLOUT are open 7 days a week.

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6 Types of Malware You Should Be Aware of 2018



Malware programs are one of the worst programs found on the internet and are most common. They are many varieties of malware which makes it hard to specify a few. all hackers have their own way of inserting malware into your computer which means there are many created every months. The 6 most common types of malware are:

Once entered into your computer, this type of malware can be the most dangerous as well as one of the hardest to remove. Ransomware works by first locking down your computer and then forcing a payment to unlock it, disguising it as a security programs.

But don’t be fooled and think its over once you pay because they keep asking for more. The most effective way to battle it is not to get it first but then you should turn your computer into safe mode and delete it or reinstall the whole operating system. Don’t fall into the pressure and give in.

They are the worst to remove and hide themselves by acting as flies within the operating system and this makes it undetectable through scanners. However some technicians might be able to detect but they would still recommend to wipe the whole hard drive and start as a new computer.

Personal data is important and very valuable and most hackers know this. The main goal for hackers are to remain undetected during their hacking of information of the user causing identity theft as an end result. The best of detecting is to do a manual check of all your files or have many scans to find and delete it.

Mobile Malware
This is one of the largest threats to security professionals due to the limitations of the operating system and the difficulties accessing the deeper functions of the smartphone. Mobile malware is tricky to remove. To help people should use their internet on their mobile and they should install mobile security apps on their smartphone.

This type of malware focuses on selling you things you really did not want. They mostly come with other types of malware so they are able to maximise the effect. The sooner it is deleted, there is less risk of another type of malware to attack and cause more problems from your desktop or internet browser.

They are programs used for criminal activity and once entered into your computer will try to hack accounts. This is the reason you have to type in verification words and this allows hackers to relax and let someone else to the work. While most people cannot directly defeat them, they should avoid making important accounts on website which don’t have a defence against them.

Defenses to Use
There are many tools and strategies you can use in order to improve your knowledge of defence against threats and more:

  • You need a security system on your computer. Don’t use a free program as it will not be that effective as the licensed ones. You also need to update it whenever you can as hackers and creators take advantage of the time between updating and release.
  • If you really want to go out there, you will need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It is the best purpose to keep you safe on public networks. Hackers can steal your information on public networks and use it to perform identity theft and spread malware, so you need the encryption that the VPN gives to remain safe.
  • Only use websites you are 100% sure of and don’t download anything that looks suspicious.

PCKEY CALLOUT will help you to update your computer with all Malware threats.
Call on 07768 770600 today for health check and update your security.

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Emergency Computer Repair PCKEY CALLOUT


Computer Repair Services

Emergency Computer Repair: We offer on the spot, urgently required computer repair service for our customers.

When you have an emergency and you don’t have the time to go and find a place to repair your PC as you need it straight away then you should call PC KEY CALLOUT as we offer emergency call outs and come direct to your home/office and if for any reason we are not able to get to you we will use remote control access software to repair your PC.

Emergency Computer Repair Services:

Our technicians are ready and awaiting your call weather your Computer Crashes. Network/Wifi doesn’t work, Power Failures, Software Errors, Hardware Fault, Virus Removal etc, we are ready to help you and repair your PC as quick as possible so you can get on with your day.

Urgencies can happen at any time and you cannot last with a faulty PC, then you need us. We are able to respond to your queries as soon as possible and get you up and running. We are here for you and can fix your PC when needed.

We are able to repair your computer quickly and we will work in front of you so you can see what we are doing and ask us anything if needed.

If you would like more in-depth information, please visit our website

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Repair Your Laptop and PC at Reasonable Price


Computer Repair Services

Repair Your Laptop – We repair all types/brands of laptops at reasonable prices.

PC KEY CALLOUT: Repair Your Laptop in West Yorkshire

(Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield, Batley, Keighley and Dewsbury)

We have experienced technicians who will be able to service and repair your laptop/pc at reasonable prices. We do all models of laptops including; Toshiba, Lenovo, sony, Dell as well as many others.

Laptop Repairs and IT Services

Our repair services include:

  • Not turning on
  • Screen broken
  • Lines across the screen
  • Keeps shutting down itself
  • Laptop keeps crashing
  • Viruses within the laptop
  • Spills
  • Data restore/recovery
  • Software issues
  • Upgrades
  • Wireless Connection

and many more. Just call to find out more information.

Our Service

We delight ourselves in offering the best standard of service with our expert technician. We offer:

  • Reasonable low Charges for laptop repair.
  • Friendly and very knowledgeable staff.
  • No Fix No Fees, No call out charges.

Mobile Laptop Repairs and Service 

We are mobile service for home users and small businesses that are in your area and are experiencing problems with their laptop.

 Our Rates and Charges

We charge an overall reasonable rate to repair the laptop, if the laptop needs new parts, this cost is from you and once you have got the part we will fix it. Each repair is different.

We repair your laptop in front of you so yourself can see how long it takes and remember we have a no fix-no fee policy so for any reason if we are unable to fix it we will not charge you.

Contact PCKEY CALLOUT for Laptop Repair

Contact us today on 07768 770600 to repair your laptop or visit our website:

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PC KEY CALLOUT is Best Than Other Computer Repair Companies


PC KEY CALLOUT : Life without technology seems impossible in today’s world and the use of a PC is one technology we can’t be without. We use it in our everyday lives and it helps us with various tasks either at home or in the office. So a computer is very vital and with it the you would need professional IT support in case anything happens to your PC.

Now I will give you some reasons as to why you should call our experienced engineers from PC KEY CALLOUT in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield and Halifax etc for any computer repair related reasons. PC KEY CALLOUT covers whole of West Yorkshire to repair computer at your door step.

  • PC KEY CALLOUT has many years of experience in handling computer issues whether it be desktops or laptops.
  • Experienced engineers who have years of experience with PC repairing. We aim to get your computer running back to normal ASAP.
  • Friendly but professional advice for free. We will answer any computer related query you have and give you advice on the best way to keep your computer lasting longer. With PC KEY CALLOUT you are able to have one-one consultation with our engineer who will give you the best knowledge about your PC.

PC KEY CALLOUT believes in flexibility, we come to you and repair your PC when you call us. We will reach you same day of your call or any day of the week. If you’re looking for a professional computer repair company in Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield area, kindly call us on 07768 770600. Or visit our website:






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