Best Free Antivirus – Which One?

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There are so many different types, versions, brands of Best Free antivirus software out there. It’s hard deciding which one is right for you and your computer laptop and mobile.


To start off with you need to find out what antivirus solution works with your computer’s operating system. Any brand of computer/laptop can catch a virus or malware even if you have a Mac.


When deciding what Best Free antivirus system/software/programme to get, you need to look at the prices as well as the features. When looking for anti-virus software’s you will see that many of them are offered through subscription where you either pay annually or monthly. With having them subscription based you are able to access all the important software updates so the more you can pay, the better protection you get.

Home and business Best free antivirus

Some Home and business do have a Best free antivirus download option, but keep in mind that this will not have the same level of protection, also with the free versions they do not run effective scans and so we would recommend spending bit of money on a proper protection software, not the Best Free Antivirus. You may find some of the cheaper programmes will offer the same features as the more expensive ones, but their database of viruses won’t be up to date so it’s not worth spending the money.


Another issue you should consider and ask yourself is what and where you use your device for. You need to ask yourself if your software protects you with online banking, with webcam and external devices and also does it have a secure protection with your router?


Your Anti-virus software should contain the following features:



Exploit Blocker

This will block attacks which are designed to attack the antivirus detection

Anti Spam

This will help keep unnecessary

and unwanted email from your mailbox

Anti Virus and AntiSpyware

Complete protection against all types of online and offline hacks

Personal firewall

This will stop hackers from having to access you your computer as well as stay invisible to other people when using public WI-Fi

Webcam protection

Getting a notification when someone tries to access your webcam

Home network protection

Check your home router for any traffic


This will help stops attempts to gain sensitive information such as passwords, banking details from fake websites

Script based

Stop any script based malware attacks

Secure data

Keep your data safe on your laptop or USB with secure encryption

Banking and payment protection

Automatic protection on online banking websites

Keep your money secure with safe browsers

Botnet protection

Protect against any botnet malware attacks


This will help you find your laptop when stolen


You may think you don’t need any antivirus installed on your laptop because you have a Mac. This is not true, although they are less likely to have a virus because of how they are built. However, there are more windows than Mac’s so they are less targeted but they are coming to the rise so having protection will be worth it.


Once you have installed your paid antivirus software, you cannot just leave it. It doesn’t matter how expensive it is you need to do the security updates and Antivirus updates on your computer regularly. You need to make sure your software updates and be careful with suspicious email, websites, and downloads.


If your computer/laptop has been effected by a virus/malware and you need help, contact PcKey Callout on 08002707275. We will be able to repair your Laptop or computer and get it virus free as well as with your consent install antivirus software for you and get it set up and running. We will show you how to do all the scans and regular updates, so you know how simple it is to do. Give us a call on 07768770600 or visit our website.


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