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Computer Health Check: If you use your computer at home or in a business environment everyday and heavily rely on the operating system such as windows to stay correct, then your computer would highly benefit from a PCKEY CALLOUT Health check.

If your computer is taking it’s time to run, slowly booting up or even just not behaving the way it normally does then it is time for your computer to get its own health check. When we are not well we get an health check from our doctors. This is the same with your computer, when it’s not acting properly then it needs to get a health check from computer repairs and who better than PCKEY CALLOUT.

Computer Health Check:

At PCKEY CALLOUT our Computer health check goes through the following:

  • Deconstruction of your main hard drive
  • Hygiene service
  • Spyware scan and removal
  • Update of all systems (windows, software and drivers)
  • Virus scan and removal
  • Removal of any junk
  • Full cleaning of the computer with screen


At PCKEY CALLOUT, we come to you at home or work and at a time to suit you to scan PC. No-one knows your computer better than you do so if you feel your computer is acting up and causing many problems, please visit our website and arrange a booking. For more information please visit

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