Computer Keeps Restarting

Computer Keeps Restarting

Computer Keeps Restarting

If you find your computer keeps restarting a lot it could be fixed in software but there are many different things which can cause the system to crash and keep rebooting in Window 7, Window 8.1 and Window 10 etc. More advanced operating systems do not produce BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) and instead windows will restart the computer and hope for the best. The assumption is if something important within the operating system failed, doing a reboot would fix it. This is sometime true, however if a computer is having hardware problems a simple reboot may not work. You should isolate the source first to start fixing the computer restart problem.

To fix a computer restart problem do the following:

  • Switch off the automatically restart option
  • Use Hardware/Software Manual to analyse your files which are BSOD files (Blue Screen of Death)
  • Restart in Safe Mode
  • BSOD’S are caused through driver issues, however hardware errors can also cause this so be sure to check your hard drive and memory.

Automatic Restart

if you find your computer keeps restarting, turn off the automatic restart by right clicking on My computer and choosing properties. Below the advanced tabs, look for Startup and recovery below the setting find and uncheck the automatically restart option. Once your system crashes and you receive a blue screen error which will have some information you can use to find a fix for your restart issue.  You can even write all the errors down and contact us at PCKEY CALLOUT for computer repair.

Safe Mode

Restart your computer and press F8 from your keyboard to enter into safe mode with networking. Using safe mode means you are able to uninstall any new installed software which may be causing the crash. You are also able to update drivers, do system restore and scan and remove any malware which could be found causing the restart to happen.  By rung the software in safe mode for a long time, it shows the problem is related to software. If this isn’t the case and it still keeps restarting/shutting down it means it is a hardware problem.

Scan Your Memory If Computer Keeps Restarting

You are able to run utilities in Windows which can scan your memory and hard disk for errors. If you find you have a faulty RAM, this can cause big problems with your system.

To scan your RAM you will need third party software. You need download and burn the image to a CD or disk and reboot to that drive to start the scan. You might need to change the way your PC start in the BIOS. If it’s a CD go into the BIOS setup to and make sure the CD ROM is the first boot sequence option. If you’re running Vista, you can access their RAM scanner by going to the Administrative Tools area of the Control Panel. Within that section, look for the Memory Diagnostic Tool. Different Operating system i.e Window 7, 8.1 and 10 have different options.

To check errors, scan your HDD by opening My Computer and right clicking the C drive. Choose properties and under the tools tab, look for error checking area and click the check now button. Check both the options and press ok. Then the computer will run a in-depth scan the next time the system boots.

If you find your computer is still restarting, you can try flashing the BIOS. If you find a known flaw with hardware on a machine which software can fix, BIOS can update which is issued by a manufacturer. Contact the manufacturer of the computer or the motherboard for details on how to flash the BIOS.

After this if it is still restarting, you can try and replace the power supply, then replace the motherboard. Replacing the power supply is the cheapest and easiest thing to replace and is sometimes the source of the problem of reboots and shutdowns. Don’t buy the cheapest power supply you can as that is not always the best choice. Choose a name brand which you recognise and get the same voltage or greater.

If this doesn’t solve it contact PcKey Callout. An engineer will be come to your home and take a look and find a solution. PcKey Callout Solve all nature of Computer Problems.

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