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Computer Malware: Tips To Indicate Your Computer Malware

Computer Malware: The mass number of people who use the internet on a daily basis makes it a great opportunity for hackers who tamper with your system and go through your privacy taking all information like account details. Here are a few signs you can look for if you think your computer is being attacked.



This is an easy way to tell if your computer is infected with malware. When you open your browser and you see your homepage is looking different to normal it probably indicates you have malware.  When you download something and see a link or popup appear on the website which is odd don’t click on it. Then when you reopen your browser you will find another toolbar as well as a new homepage.

Add-ons are not limited to toolbars and search engines. You can also get malware through pop-up windows. Recently if you have downloaded something and you notice a lot of different pop-ups appearing then it indicate you have downloaded malware.  They may not be irritating but they are very dangerous. They don’t install alone into your system, they will bring other threats which you will not notice or even be aware of as you are busy handling the pop-ups.



If you notice your computer crashing more often than before, it is most likely infected with malware. Crashing includes either your whole system going down or a program.

If you are experiencing blue screen crashes, you may be having technical issues but most of the time its due to malware infecting your computer.


Malfunctions and being slow

Random messages from your operating system could come from faulty technology but it is most likely the work of malware. If you notice programs are opening and closing without you closing and opening yourself, your computer is likely infected with malware. If it is malware you could lose access to some computer programs. If some programs don’t open or work correctly, you have malware.

Another indication you have malware is when your computer starts acting slow. This includes taking time open programs or power up. If you find it’s taking an annoying long time it may have malware or faulty technology.


How to treat

Knowing your computer has a problem to begin with is a good start to making it better. If you are dealing with malware or other computer problems and you live in Leeds, West Yorkshire, consider calling us at PCKEY CALLOUT. We not only deal with malware but also any other PC issues you may have. Visit our website for more information. These are tips to indicate Computer Malware. Please let us know how you like Computer Malware tips in bellow comment section.


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