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Home Computer Repairs and Laptop Repairs At Shop


Computer Repair Services

Laptop Repair Bradford


Occasionally computers do not work properly as they are required to. They could face lots of issues including problems in applications and hardware of them. It also might happen that the OS of your computer doesn’t function accurately and therefore hinders the operation of your PC.


It may occur your computer stops working as a whole, so making a lot of problems. If you face any of above difficulty that is given then it is essential that you consult PcKey Callout laptop repair Bradford stores. These stores provide you with expert technicians working hard to ensure your computer is up and running.


Home pc repair is a new uptrend in this time and Pckey Callout is No 1 in-home computer repair Center near me.


We offer you professional laptop and computer repair services. They provide nearby support for your office or home. You may call and make an arrangement to collect or drop off  your device to either our store or use our home service.

They benefit their customers with pickup and drop off services. By integrating expert technicians A pc repair store is set with a motto to repair your computers.


Laptop Repair At Shop

The technicians in these stores are responsible to install new software packages or to construct and configure new hardware inside your computer system.


They also work hard to support computer network systems. In case your laptop computer isn’t working properly and it’s got a broken power jack, come to us. We give you the best services of laptop computer power jack repair of all of the laptops from various brands.

Home Computer Repair

We function for home users, office users and several computer stores. For example, if it runs only whenever you have the power code set to a certain position, our computer repair companies offer their services in your home. With these solutions, you enjoy a lot of benefits as in-home computer repair you don’t need to worry about anything.


As it’s a very common thing, that whenever you have a costly computer or laptop you always feel reluctant to send it to the store.


Many reputable computer repair services understand your hesitation and therefore provide you with the best of their professional services at home. They send extremely experienced technicians and engineers to your place or office in  a very short time period.


These engineers or technicians are extremely equipped ones and are always ready to diagnose problems from your laptop and computers.


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Free Phone: 0800 270 7275
Call / Text: 0776 877 0600
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Award for Local Top Service Near Me – Computer Repair Bradford


Computer Repair Services
Computer Repair Bradford

Top Rated Computer Repair in Bradford – PcKey Callout


Are you looking for a local business to come and repair your needs and don’t know where to find a professional, responsible and reliable business?


ThreeBestRated is the place you need to search. With ThreeBestRated they provide information on the best local businesses for all the services you may need from home services like Phone Repair Shop Bradford and Thai Massage Bradford to food choices as well as Travel and Properties Agents. When looking at their website you know you are not going to be disappointed with whichever business/service you decide to go with. When you click on a business, they give detailed information about the business so you have a full brief of what the chosen business provides.


They are always on the lookout for new local business who wants to help the community. They make sure the business gets the notice they deserve because they want to make sure the community get the best local service at an affordable rate.  ThreeBestRated wants the best for their customers so they will always have the best businesses for locals to use. ThreeBestRated do all the necessary checks needed when looking for businesses to put on their website and they only put the top 3 businesses so customers don’t get too overwhelmed with loads of different businesses to look through.


ThreeBestRated has given our business PcKey Callout a Best Rated certificate 2019 and we are so thankful for this award in 2019. PcKey Callout has their customers as their number one priority and to get recognised for all the efforts our engineers put into making sure every repair is done to customer satisfaction is very motivational.


Pckey Callout has been awarded a Digital Certificate Of Excellence and badge 2019 which is highly appreciated. ThreeBestRated want to thank everyone at PcKey Callout for the contribution we have provided to the community and we cannot thank our customers enough for giving us great feedback.


As you all are aware PcKey Callout started off as a computer and laptop repair business proving repairs onsite so we can help as many residents and business users. After years of efforts our business is growing and with the appreciation from our customers we have been noticed by ThreeBestRated and giving an Award Of Excellence For 2019.  PcKey Callout’s aim is to provide the best computer and laptop onsite repair service with professional, friendly engineers at an affordable rate. With PcKey Callout we understand the difficulty people face when needed to repair their laptop or computer especially if they are not able to make it to a repair shop and need it done the same day. This is the reason why our main focus is on site and completing a repair within the hour so the customer’s day is not disturbed and they can get on with their laptop or computer in no time at all.

Computer Repairs Bradford

Best Business of 2019 – PcKey Callout


As well as a big thank you to our customers we also want to give a big thanks to our hardworking engineers who go above and beyond to make sure the customers get the repair done as soon as possible. Our engineers are professional and provide quality service; they make sure the customers are fully aware of the entire repair process of their laptop or computer. They will not go ahead with a repair if the customer does not fully understand what is going to happen with their device.


Our goals for 2019 are to go the extra mile to make sure all repairs are done for our customers and that our customers are 100% happy with every repair. The motivation ThreeBestRated have given us is something beyond word and we will go above all to make sure we stay on top and build our business up more.


Thank you very much to everyone who has contributed to helping us get this far and we strive to make you more proud as the year progresses.


Get A Free Quote:
Free Phone: 0800 270 7275
Call / Text: 0776 877 0600
Email: [email protected]

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Laptop Repair Bradford | Certificate of Excellence 2019 Winner


Computer Repair Services

Thank you from PcKey Callout

We have been presented with a Certificate of Excellence 2019 Winner from Bark

 Laptop Repair Bradford Certificate of Excellence 2019

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big Thank you to all our customers who have used our computer and laptop repair services as well as our Engineers who have worked above and beyond ensuring all customers are 100% satisfied with their repairs.


PcKey Callout has one aim and that is to make sure all computers and laptop repairs are done with ease by being an onsite service to all residents and businesses are able to use our repair service. We always have our customers as our number one priority and before any repair will always consult the customer first.


We try to make the process of booking a repair as simple as possible for our customers and with our website having a simple guide to booking our engineers a task couldn’t be any easier. On our website we have listed all the services we provide so customers can simply see if what they need is what we have which in most cases is.


Our services include:

  • Laptop, Computers and Desktop PC Repairs
  • Windows Installation (7, 8, 8.1 and 10)
  • Software Errors
  • Hardware Faults Repairs, Replacement and Upgrades
  • Data Loss, Retrieval and Transfer
  • Internet, Broadband and Wifi Connections Problems
  • Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD), PC Not Booting Problems
  • Virus, Malware and Spyware Removal
  • PC Crashing or Freezing
  • PC Power Failures
  • Network Repairs and Setup
  • Email System and Configuration
  • Computer Health Checks and Many More


Repairing with us means your Laptop or computer are in safe hands and the repair is done the same day within an hour. We don’t want our customers to have to take off a whole day to get their computer or laptop repaired, that’s why we aim to do the repair as soon as possible so they can get on with their day.


Computer Repairs Bradford Certificate of Excellence 2019


Get A Free Quote:
Free Phone: 0800 270 7275
Call / Text: 0776 877 0600
Email: [email protected]

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Cheap Computer Upgrade Repair Deals, Special Offers 2018


Computer Repair Services

Laptop Repair Expert you can trust locally Bradford

Getting ready for Christmas 2018?

Want to make it Better?

Thinking of upgrade or repairs your PC Laptop and Computer!

This Christmas we are offering 25% off all computer repair service!

If you are looking for the best local Expert Laptop Repair near me and in surrounding areas consider PcKey Callout Repair your first choice. We provide affordable Computer Repair Service.  We are a local, mobile service for Home Computer Repairs.


How to Make Your Christmas Even Better

Having a look at all the tech available must be blowing your mind. You have been waiting and keeping watch for all the tech you’ve been wanting to get ready to purchase for yourself or someone special this Christmas. Now that Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year 2019 are around the corner, the tech is ready for you to collect.

Christmas time is a good time to get your loved ones or even to treat yourself to some new tech that you have been lusting over for a while and what makes it better is that with so many Christmas tech deals going around you will get it at a good price.

With such good deals flowing around you might be able to get the latest model and still save a bit. You might be able to get a new wireless printer or even a 3D printer to really up to your tech.


But can you use it straight away?

This Christmas, PcKey Callout can help get you up and running faster, with the lightning-fast turnaround on:


New Computer Laptop PC setup

If you have got yourself a new computer or laptop for Christmas, New Year 2019 or Boxing Day and are finding it a bit difficult to set up then we are here for you. if you are a bit nervous setting up your new device because you are a new user and don’t want to mess up then it would be better for you to get a professional like

PcKey Callout to set it all up for you so you know that nothing will go wrong. With all the Christmas cheer we are offering 25% off all repairs and setups.

New Computer Laptop PC setup


Upgrade to SSD Drive (Solid State Drive)

 A hard drive upgrade is one of the easiest ways to improve your laptop or computer whether its to improve speed performance or for more storage. Upgrading to an SSD drive is a good option because it can improve speed across your entire computer or laptop system 3 to 5 times faster.

You will notice that your PC will start faster, all applications and files will load faster and load time on games will decrease. Upgrading to an SSD can be expensive but they are worth the upgrade. If you have purchased an SSD Drive to replace your HDD and don’t know how to do the switch. Do not worry we can do the switch on for you and get it up and running. we are best laptop repair near me service for upgrading to SSD also You will be able to see the difference right away.

Upgrade to SSD Drive (Solid State Drive)


Laptop Repair

Laptops can get damaged and stop working without no warning sign.  Laptop repairs include hardware and software repairs, the damage could be internal with programs or external such as needing a new drive. Laptops need more care as opening and closing laptops often and fast overtime can cause hinges to get damaged.

Also with laptops, they can overheat much quicker so you need to make sure you don’t leave our laptop running for too long and always shut it down completely.


Computer Repair

Computer repair includes laptop and desktop repair, it means if you are facing any issues with either your laptop or desktop such as network issues, data recovery, BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) etc then you need to contact us. In the month of December through to new years, we are giving 25% of all of our computer repairs so if you are having issues with your laptop or computer now is the time to get it repaired.


Printer Repair

 As well as computers, printers can get corrupt as well and need looking at. Printers can get jammed or have an error fault which you don’t understand. If you know what you are doing, printers can easily be repaired but like other computers, equipment care needs to be taken when repairing.  If you have purchased a new printer either wired or wireless we can get it all set up and running for you.

 Printer Repair

PC Tune-Up

A PC tune-up is a software to help manage, maintain, optimize, configure and troubleshoot a computer system.  A PC tune-up dives right into your computer and repairs troubled areas. It performs many roles including defragmenting your PC’s hard drive, repairing windows registry which is causing problems as well as making more disk space for you by removing unnecessary and duplicate files. We are able to set up your computer or laptop for you and get it up and running so its ready to use for you right away.

Virus Removal and Repair

Even if you have anti-virus software installed onto your computer you can still get a virus. This especially happens when you have not updated to the latest version of your anti-virus software. When updates have not happened it means all the latest virus, spyware and malware can enter your system without your anti-virus detecting it because it has not been updated so it won’t recognise them.

We will be able to install latest Anti-virus 2019 software to make sure your new tech is not corrupted through viruses and malware. If you think you might have a virus or malware corrupting your existing laptop or computer, we can repair and get rid of for you so all your devices will be malware free.

Virus Removal and Repair

Network Repair

Network repair means having a problem connecting your internet and wifi to your laptop or computer. There are many reasons for network errors and the repair could happen so easily. If you are finding you are having problems with your internet and you are not able to be as productive as you normally would be then this issue needs to be repaired.

If this is happening and it is in the month of December then it is lucky for you as we are offering 25% off on all repairs.  We can set up your new device to your connection at home or office wirelessly in no time at all.

Data Backup and Recovery

Data backup is the process of copying into an archive file of computer data so it can be used to restore the original after data loss has occurred.  Backing up your data is very important because your computer or laptop could stop working at any time and if you have not backed up your data previously then it could result in you losing all important files.

Regular backups are important and should be done often as it could save a lot of time later on if your computer or laptop starts to corrupt. If you have purchased a new device and want to transfer all your data from your old device to the new one we can do it with ease and make sure everything is as you want it.

Data Backup and Recovery

Computer Gaming Installation

Computer gaming comes from graphics card and processors. To get the best gaming performance you need to have the top-notch professional graphics cards such as NVIDIA or AMD. If you want to have the best gaming experiences possible then we recommend the PNY Quadro GV100 32GB Pro Graphics Card. With this, you get the ultimate immersive experience as well as fluid visual interactivity.

If you are facing any difficulties with your graphics card and need help with installation and upgrade, searching for laptop repair near me then please contact us, we can do all installation and set up for you with professionally so you can get on with your gaming.  We can help install any gaming software’s you wish to use on your new device or if you are facing problems with our gaming software’s on your existing device we can also look into repairing this for you.

NVIDIA or AMD Graphic Card Upgrade

A graphics drives is software which lets your operating system and other programs use your laptop or computers graphics hardware. If you play games on your computer or laptop you need to make sure you keep your graphics driver updated. By doing this you will be able to get the best performance from your hardware.

All graphics cards use drivers to operate and they come with frequent updates to the drivers for the latest games and so you will want to make sure you have the latest version of your graphics cards specific drivers. Graphics driver updates are relatively simple to update but they are big downloads so it means you have a slow internet connection it could take some time.

NVIDIA or AMD Graphic Card Upgrade

Computer Maintenance

Having computer maintenance done on your computer every few months is good for your computer. Computer maintenance will make sure your computer is virus and malware free and all system is up to date and are running smoothly. Computer maintenance includes checking computer log files, assessing hard disk space, examining security and computer cleaning, updating all software’s as well as performing a regular backup to ensure all important data can be retrieved from storage in case of system failure.

PC repair is the process of identifying, troubleshooting and resolving problems and issues in a faulty computer. PC repair is a broad field encompassing many tools, techniques and procedures used to repair computer hardware, software or network/Internet problems.

Computer Maintenance

Computer Training

Interested in how to repair a computer or laptop? Want to learn the in’s and out’s of repairing all different issues in regards to computer repair? With us, you can get all the computer training you need to become a computer engineer.

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Types Of Malware And How Each Malware Impact Your Computer


Computer Repair Services

Types Of Malware

Types Of Malware

There are many types of Malware like Ransomware,Bug ,Adware, Spyware, Virus, Worms, Trojan Horse, Rootkit. All These types of Malware’s will be discussed below.

Malware normally associates with cyber-security but what really is malware and what does it do to your computer? Below is all the information you need to know about malware and how different malware affects your computer.

What is Malware?

Malware is also known as malicious software which corrupts your computer’s programs performance. There are various types of malware which affect your computer’s programs performance in different ways. The different malware which can affect your computer includes adware, ransomware, spyware as well as bugs.

Signs to indicate your computer may be corrupted by malware:

  • Slow performance
  • Issues connecting to a network
  • Crashing
  • Freezing
  • Emails being sent from your account without your knowledge
  • Programs running or shutting down on their own
  • Pop-up ads

If you have found that you are experiencing any of the above with your computer or laptop, don’t panic with the help of professionals such as PcKey Callout the malware can be removed and your computer’s performance will be back to itself again.

Some information on the different types of Malware

Below is some information on the various types of malware and how it affects your laptop or computer once entered.

Ransomware-  This is a malware which stops you from entering your laptop or computer without paying a sum of money.

Bug- These create problems in programs source code which impacts the use of the program and in severe cases may cause system crashing.

Adware- This is also known as advertising-supported software which displays pop-ups.

Spyware- With spyware hackers are able to watch what you are doing on your computer without your knowledge.

Virus- A computer virus connects itself to your files and then slowly with time spread to all your other files. This will then cause your files to get corrupted or deleted.

Worms- This can infect a network of devices through network interfaces.

Trojan Horse- This is a software which displays itself as a normal file or program so it can trick the user into downloading it.

Rootkit- A rootkit accesses your computer or laptop. They can then modify software and steal information.

All these different malware which enter your computer and can deter your productivity as well as corrupt online security. It is always best to use caution when downloading new files and programs. You should also protect your device with the Anti-Virus program, malware detection software as well as other security programs.

If you do think your computer or laptop has a malicious malware contact PcKey Callout. Our team have years of experience detecting malware as well as other computer issues.

You can also visit:

Get A Free Quote:
Free Phone: 0800 270 7275
Call / Text: 0776 877 0600
Email: [email protected]

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Hidden! 9 Free Computer Clean Up


Computer Repair Services

Free Computer Clean Up


Looking for FREE COMPUTER CLEAN UP then you are in right place. Sometimes doesn’t it feel like with the amount of time it takes to boot up your computer you could tidy the house? Have you found that your internet browser is too full of a lot of taskbars and you have no space to browse the internet? If you find out that your computer is getting slower every day then it might be time for you use some tips to get your computer clean and up and running like it was when you first got it. A great bonus is that all the tips below are free computer clean up so it won’t cost you a penny.


1) Get rid of all the viruses


Starting off by getting rid of all viruses and spyware you may have in your computer can help your computer speed up a ton. Having viruses on your computer may not always break it down but it will defiantly slow it down. Using Microsoft Windows Defender Antivirus is a good software to use as it is an easy all in one solution which will keep your computer healthy ad working in top shape.


2) Update your Operating System 7 8 10


When you have windows 7 8 10, it issues updates all the time. Doing the updates can help mend any holes in the software and close chances of viruses and spyware damaging your system as well as making your windows system run better. If you are running Windows 10, left click the notifications square which is on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Click on settings then update and security, then check for window 10 updates. After the updates have downloaded make sure you restart your computer so they can be properly applied.


3) Purge Bloatware


When you buy a computer which is much cheaper it normally comes with a lot of junk programs which you really don’t need. You need to get rid of it and keep the space for everything you want. As well as conserving the space for yourself, the junk is also slowing down your system as the softwares run in the background.


To start off you need to right click on the start menu and choose settings. Click on the Apps and from there you will see a list of programs which are on your computer.  You can sort the list out by either Name, size or installation date. If you decide to sort by size it means you can see what program is taking up the most space on your hard drive.  If there are any programs on there which you don’t want anymore you just need to left click and click on uninstall.


4) Speed up your start up


Microsoft configuration is something which is built in your windows system. Using this tool can help stop programs from starting automatically when your computer boots up.


To start this tool you should go to the start button and go to settings. Type ‘msconfig’ into the search setting bar.  Once you do this the task manager windows will open up with a list of programs which run at startup. You can then go through the list and see which programs bring a high impact on your startup. You can then choose to disable some if you don’t need to use them all the time.


5) Repair the registry


Your operating systems registry is just like the hard drives table of contents. If you have some incorrect entries it can take your hard drive longer to find all the pieces of data that it needs to launch and run programs. Free applications are available which are easy to install and can fix all registry errors and speed your operating systems performance.



6) Clear out the cookies


Your computer can definitely speed up if you delete all of your old internet cookies. Each time you go to a website, its keeps a part of itself or the program on your operating system. This means the next time you open up that website it will open much faster. However, it is very rare that we go to the same website and see the same pages time and time again. So instead the process of going through loads of MBs of temporary internet files will make website load much slower.


To delete the cookies, if you are using Google Chrome Browser lick the symbol “…” which is on the upper right-hand corner of your browser window and then click on settings. Go down and choose “Advanced”, underneath the privacy and security click on clear browsing data. You can clear out stuff you don’t want to be stored or tracked. You need to look through all of it and delete what you can.


7) Clean your computer


Your computer comes with a fan which brings in air to cool the CPU and components. If this fan becomes clogged with dust, pet hair or anything else the system can overheat which causes it run more slowly and then eventually break down. With your computer take a can of air and take your computer outside. Open the whole case but don’t blow it too close to the components and remove the dust from the case. If you have a laptop you can only get to the keyboard and the vents so make sure you give them a good work in with your canned air.


8) Get rid of internet explorer


There are many alternative browsers which you can use to access the internet. Google Chrome is one of the fastest options which doesn’t compromise compatibility. Internet Explorer is one of the slowest as well as most incompatible browsers, so get rid of it for something better.


9) If all fails


A guaranteed way to speed up your computer is to do a complete re-install. To make sure your reinstall is safe you will need to back up your data, format your hard drive and reinstall windows 7 8 10. You need to remember once you do this you need to reinstall all of your software which includes Office. These all solutions are free computer clean up. You need to also install your Anti-virus software before you start browsing again. Being on a regular maintenance will be good for your computer.


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Someone Use Your Computer


Computer Repair Services

How To Let Someone Use Your Computer Without Accessing Your Stuff

Someone Use Your Computer

By giving someone access to your computer, they can get to your saved passwords, email accounts and all files as well as more. Instead of worrying or getting anxious when giving someone your computer use your operating systems guest account feature.


Guest’s accounts are on all desktop operating systems including windows, Mac to chrome and other distributions. On windows the guest account is not enabled through default, so you have to go and search for it.


Why Use Guest Account


Using a guest account is a good idea especially for temporary guest users as they are only going to use it from time to time. The guest account which comes in the desktop gives your guest limited access which makes you at ease to leave them to it on your computer and let them do what they wish. They are able to browse the web without getting access to all your passwords, documents, emails, history and everything else.


With guests account you are not able to install software, connect hardware devices, change system settings or even make a password for the guest account.  The most harm guest accounts can do is shut down your computer.


A guest account allows the person to browse the web and use all the normal applications. This enables the person to feel like they are getting full access to the computer without you getting worried about personal information getting leaked.  Let’s say someone you trust fully wants to use your computer so because you trust them they won’t need to use a guest account. However, they go on and want to check their email, once on the web they try and sign in but your already signed in. They then have access to your emails because you forgot to sign out and now they need to.  You can avoid all of this by using a guest account.


How To Enable Guest Accounts



Enabling the guest account in windows 7 and 8 is different than enabling it for windows 10. With windows 7 and 8 enabling the guest account is straight forward. All you need to do is from the desktop; go on the start menu and type “user accounts”, click this and then click “Manage another account”. Click “Guest.” If the guest account feature is disabled, click “Turn On.”


However, with windows 10 this feature is hidden. The reason for this is because Microsoft would like you to have data security and also because they want everyone to use official Microsoft accounts. By enabling the guest account requires admin access. Once enabled it will appear on a separate user account in the bottom left corner of the screen, anyone is able to log into this account after booting your computer. You are able to log out of your user account or use switch user to stay logged in and keep your programs open and account locked while the other person is using the guest account on your computer.


Once they have finished they can log out of the guest account. Remember their browsing history and logged in websites or any files or documents they may have will be accessible to any other person who uses the guest account.   Any guest user should log out of any websites they use or use the private browsing feature on the web within the guest account.



On a Mac you can log in as a guest user by selecting Guest User account on the login screen. If this is not available you need to enable this.  You can do this by going on to the desktop, clicking on the system preference icon in the dock. Then click “users and groups”.  Once on this click onto the lock icon I the lower left corner, enter your admin password to access advanced functions.  Then click guest user and click on the check box which is next to “Allow guest users to connect to share folders”. Then log out and now you’ll have a guest user account accessible without a password. Once your guest logs out, all their data will be erased (unlike Windows).


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Get Computer Maintenance Today


Computer Repair Services

computer maintenance

Computer and laptops need special attention and care so they are able to function to their best. Mostly people always buy a new computer and never take good care of it also they never thought of computer maintenance. Taking good care of it doesn’t just mean cleaning the outer surface when it gets dusty. Taking proper care means making sure the inner and outer system are working effectively so they need to be examined.

The inner part of a computer consists of the software and anything related to software. The outer system consists of all the devices connected to the operating system. All the extra attachments such as cables, keyboard, scanner and printer which are all attached to the inner system are included. All these need to have extra attention and good  computer maintenance.

Computers Maintenance

Computers need to be maintained regularly from time to time. The system should be kept in a good state so it can perform well at all times and under all conditions. The first step towards this is to make sure your cables are kept in good condition and avoid any tangles and mess with other cables overlapping them. The less overlapping, the easier it is to make sure the cables stay in good condition.

After this you need to take time to clean your computer on a regular basis through either using a hand vacuum or duster to get rid of all the dust. Once the outside is looking good, you need to get working on keep the operating system in good condition.

A fully functional operating system is one which is always updated and is virus free and computer maintenance is done every month. The operating system needs to be updated regularly so all functions are working on top form. You should have antivirus software on your computer which is updated so it can remove any viruses found in your system. If you have a virus it can make the computer too slow and cause damages.

You should also transfer any data you have to an external hard drive and clear your computer of data regularly. This is because if your computer isn’t functioning well, you may lose your data so backing up on an external hard drives means all your data is saved.

Even after doing all this, it can be difficult to repair some issues. You may need to take expert advice from computer engineers from PcKey Callout who are specialist in Computer maintenance. Computer engineers will examine your entire system and give a solution. They come to your doorstep and help you keep your computer maintained and fully functional. Visit the website for more information and all services included.

Machines PcKey Callout Fix

• Compaq

• Dell

• Fujitsu

• HP


• Acer


• Samsung

• Sony

• Toshiba

• Lenovo

• Asus

Faults PcKey Callout Fix

•         No Wifi

•         Virus Removal

•         Not Powering up

•         Cracked Screen

•         Broken Hinge

•         Graphic Issue

•         Liquid Spillage

•         Battery Replacement

•         Faulty Trackpad

•         Not Logging On

•         Not Enough Space

•        Not Starting

•         Running Slow

•         Not Charging

•         Hard Drive Replacement

•         Damaged Casing

•         Data Retrieval

•         Lines on Screen

•         Switching Off

•         Faulty Keyboard

•         Memory Upgrade

•         Overheating

•         Not Booting

•        Cleaning


Get A Free Quote:
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Virus Attached To Email What To Do


Computer Repair Services

Virus Attached To Email What To Do

Having an email address for a long time which can incur many spam emails and virus attached to emails. The longer you have had your email address the quicker you realise not all of these spam emails are harmless. Email addresses are a great target for spam but also great targets for hackers as a way to send viruses and get all your personal information.

The popular way of spreading viruses via email is through infected attachments. They can do anything from installing new toolbars and pop-ups to deleting system files. Infected attachments can either macro viruses attached to emails that are embedded into software applications such as MS Word or executable programs.

Common Type Of Virus

The more common type of virus attachments to emails are executable files. These attachments come in file forms such as .com, .zip, .exe and many more. If the email address is an unusual one and it asks you to download file, think twice before going though with the download.

Infected emails can also give you a virus through making you click on a link to a website. Once on the website, you may be given a file virus through forced download. The most effective way to handle this is not to click any links that come from email addresses you don’t recognize. Further if you click on an infected link, you will need to have an antivirus program up and running.

Executable programs are more of a problem than macro viruses as with macro viruses MS word can repair the problem through their updates. Some antivirus programmes can detect and attack threats to MS word but it doesn’t mean they are safe just because they are updated.

Cyber criminals are experienced to embed VBA code to a word document. This can cause the program to execute the executable file without warning. This is more harmful if you have an old version on MS software. Just be careful with any MS word documents you are downloading.

Some viruses have been specifically developed to spread via emails which mean you have to be very careful of any unusual emails you come across. If you feel uneasy about an email don’t open it. If it seems unusual and comes with an attachment, you can always save it and scan it through your antivirus software first to be safe. Once clear you can download the attachment.

Having these attachments viruses can corrupt your system and once downloaded can be difficult to remove. If you are in this situation you need PcKey Callout to get you system up and running in top form and virus free.

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Free Malware Removal Form Your Computer


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Free Malware Removal

The warning signs that your computer may be malware infested include your computer being slower than usual, suddenly loads of pop ups are appearing as well as other abnormal issues. Either you have free malware removal or Paid Malware removal.

All these signs show that your computer maybe infested with spyware even if you have got an antivirus installed. It could also either be a hardware issue but it is a good idea to know malware/viruses isn’t the cause of your computer acting up.  Below is a guide on what to do:

Safe Mode

The first thing you need to do is disconnect your computer from the internet and until our computer has be cleaned do not start it up again. This will stop malware from spreading any personal data they may have of yours.

If you think the problem with your computer is a malware infection you need to boot your computer to Safe mode. This will have the minimum programs and services required. If any malware wants to enter your computer when you turn it one, going on safe mode will prevent it. By entering into safe mode, it will make removing the infected files easier because they are not being used.

You might also realise that on safe mode your computer runs much faster. This is a sign that our computer does have a malware infection or you might just have a solid-state drive which makes it fast either way.

Delete Temporary Files

Once in safe mode you should delete any temporary files before running a virus scan. This will make the time of running the virus scan quicker as well as free up disk space and get rid of some malware. Just enter disk clean up in the search bar of your windows 10 and start running it.

Download Malware Scanners

Now the malware scanner is ready to do its job and normally running a scanner is enough to remove standard infections. If you had antivirus program running on your computer you still should use a different scanner for this check because your antivirus software did not detect the malware. No antivirus software can detect all the millions of types of malware and viruses 100% of the time.

Run A Scan With Malware Bytes

Once you have downloaded malware bytes (free malware removal), run the setup and follow instructions to install the program. Once the software has downloaded, open the program it will automatically activate a trial of the paid version. By default in 14 days it will go to the standard free version.

To run a scan you need to switch from the dashboard tab to the scan tab, keep the option set to threat scan and click start scan. Before the scan is run it will check for updates but still make sure this happens before you go ahead with the scan. The threat scan usually finds all the infections right away and it will take anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes but if you do a custom scan it could take anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

If you find that malware bytes has vanished once the scan starts and it won’t reopen then you probably have a root kit or a different type of serious infection which gets rid of scanners so they can’t remove the infection.

When your scan is finish, malware bytes will show you the results. If the scan has given you results that everything is clear but you still think there is a virus run a custom scan. If the scan does find infections it will say what they are when the scan has finished. You can then click the remove button which will get rid of some infections. It may even request to restart your computer so the removal can happen which you should follow.

If you are still finding problems after the infections have been found and removed, then you might need to contact a professional like PcKey Callout where an experienced engineer will come and remove all viruses from your computer.

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