Computer Repair Support Contract Maintenance

Computer Repair Support Contract Maintenance

Weekly Computer Maintenance

Computer Repair Support Contract Maintenance makes life easy for everyone. Your computer is a machine and machines require maintenance, now unlike a car which requires routine maintenance computers need weekly, monthly and annual maintenance.  Computer maintenance should happen at time intervals and if ignored it could mean your computer could suffer and you could experience failures in your computer’s system. Through getting your computer maintained it will help you keep your computer running well and optimised for years to come.

Schedule: Weekly Computer Maintenance

Having time to do a weekly maintenance on your computer manually is hard work and for most people inevitable. So setting your computer automatically to perform the maintenance on your windows computer would really benefit you.

  • Backing up: Start off by backing up your data, the best way to do this is by backing your files to an external hard drive. You can schedule backup’s using task scheduler. If you have a windows 7 computer you can go to your control panel, system and then to security. Click on backup and restore and enable and configure a backup schedule. Some good external hard drives you should back up on would be from brands such as Western Digital etc
  • Disk cleanup: Start off by going to Start-Programs-System tools and click on Disk Cleanup. Then Windows will have a look at your temporary internet files, recycle bins and other files which are safe to delete from your computer. You can schedule a Disk cleanup you need to; press start- programs-accessories-system tools-task scheduler. Press action and then create a basic task. Enter in a name, click next and choose weekly for. After this set a time for the Disk cleanup to happen and then click next. Press start program and then after click browse and then enter ‘cleanmgr.exe’ into the name box. Click open, next and you’re finished.
  • Full virus scan: Even though it is useful to have a virus scanner which updates daily and provides on spot protection, you should also run a full virus scan once a week.

Schedule: Monthly Computer Maintenance

  • Disk Defragmenter: This reorganises your data from your hard drive in your computer so it can access files faster.
  • Clean your computer: This all depends on where your computer is located but you should try and vacuum around the area of your computer. You should also check the internal and external fans to make sure they are hair and dusts free which if not removed can cause heat to build up in your computer.
  • Software Update: Majority software will automatically remind you when an update is ready to be downloaded. The updates normally consist of security fixes which should be installed right away.
  • Hardware Diagnostics: Run Check Disk monthly to check for impending computer hard drive failure. Right-click the C: drive and click Properties, click the Tools tab, and then the Check now button within the Error-checking section.

Schedule: Annual Computer Maintenance

System Recovery: No matter how hard you try, your computer will start to slow down. If you don’t have a Windows installation disk, you should then burn the recovery disks for your computer and put them somewhere you will remember. If you have a Dell, HP, Sony VAIO or Acer computer to repairs, they will have a service to create these disks. Use this to wipe and restore your computer to factory settings at least once annually. First backup your data and then do this and your computer will start running like new.

Computer Repair Support Contract

PcKey Callout Offer Computer Repair Support Contract Maintenance for Computer Laptop & Desktop Repair Support on annual basis. You just have to pay monthly subscription fees then we are just one call away. You can call us any time you want to repair your computer. (Sign Up Here)

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