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Computer Repair: The 15 Most Common Myths About

Computer Repair: If you have a passion for fiddling with computers and love to repair computers then you might have heard some things which aren’t true. For example you probably heard to get a good computer repair job you need to have a certificate. As well as this there are many more myths which I will talk you through that could be looked at. Most computers and computer technicians can face these issues:

You and the technicians

  • In one time computers were so new that only technicians could use them. However now computers are so popular and their construction have become more modern that if tried anyone can possibly troubleshoot and fix the problem.
  • A Flat rate computer repair is never really meant as a full Flat rate computer repair. Most computer repair shops have Flat rate signs but this is only fixed for labor charge. So if any parts are required for your broken computer it is normally above the Flat rate.
  • Trying to fix a computer yourself can sometimes become a recipe for disaster and in most cases instead of fixing your problem you have created more and it’s a big mess.
  • If your technician says your computer is fixed and clean and after that it still does not work don’t be afraid to go to someone else to ask for a second check. However be careful as some technicians might charge a Flat rate just to see the computer.
  • A magnet does not get rid of your data unless the data is on a disc. However on computer hard drives and SD memory cards do not get cleared through a magnet.


  • The more you pay for your part-the better the quality. Most of the time this is not true. If you are on a budget you are still able to get yourself a good computer. All you have to know is if that computer provides everything you need a computer for and look out for any sales or discounts available.
  • You do not need to drain your computer before you recharge.
  • Switching your PC off will not kill your computer instead unsaved data could be lost. However don’t make it a daily to shut down our computer as there may be software updates that install when power off.
  • Speeding up your computer may not make your computer faster but doing this such as upgrading your memory can help the internet go a little faster. Cleaning the computer can help it boost up as well and also make sure you have wireless or wired connection.


  • Having a virus protection programme installed on your computer does not 100% mean you cannot get a virus. There is no one programme that will protect you from all the viruses so the best way to protect yourself is making sure you keep updating your software all the time.
  • Some programmes can make you think you have a virus in your computer and once you start following the directions you might have downloaded the virus. Before continuing anymore to make sure it is a proper programme and that it is coming from where you first installed and if it isn’t do not continue and contact a PCKEY CALLOUT technician.
  • Not one browser is more secure than the other. All of them are at risk of developing a virus.
  • Most computer attacks are caused through worms and viruses and they target random pc’s so organisations can be affected hence firewalls are needed. Always keep your firewall enabled as once a virus hits the firewall sends a warning making you think its secure however once it has entered it can disable the firewall.
  • Viruses cannot physically damage the hardware. It might affect the firmware or BIOS but the hardware is not affected. Just make sure to get it checked.
  • MACs are not viruses free. To protect your MAC just do the same as windows and don’t download from places you don’t know.

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