Computer Repairs On Site VS In Shop

Computer Repairs inshop vs Onsite

Computer repairs On site VS in shop There seem to be two opposite chains of thoughts when it’s time to choose from running computer maintenance or consulting business from home. Many people believe in order to good work and make the profit you need to take the customers computer to your shop. However, there are many computer engineers who repair computers at their customer’s home and don’t bring any work back home with them.

The Best Way To Select A Computer Repair

The best thing to start off doing is to write down all the pro’s and con’s of both situations and see how they better each other.  The following mainly shows the most important factors thought about when considering either scenario.

Onsite Computer Repair



You are completely focused on the task and so will be able to repair and finish the task sooner.There could be other distractions which you’re not used to such as pets, kids and various other noises
Less liability concerns.You can’t research solutions halfway through the repair.
Once repaired, you’re finished.The customer could be looking over your shoulder the whole time which could be very intimidating and you can’t concentrate.
Customers are more at ease when they can see what is happening to their computer in front of them. When the computer is running a scan, update or clean-up you can’t do anything other than to sit and wait.
Customers are more content as the engineer comes when it’s convenient for the customer.
If you need to ask any questions regarding the customer’s computer, they are right there so you can ask and then get on with the repair with no distractions.


In shop Computer Repair



Less Distractions.Increase travel, pick up and then go back to drop off.
There can be more than one person working on the same repair.If you need additional information about the computer, the only contact is a phone which can sometimes take a long time to reach the customer.
You can work on more than one system at a time.Liability is a huge worry.
There is less pressure as you are able to work at your own pace.The problem could be related to the customers home such as network set up, the location of the computer which then you cannot get access to.
You are able to access all your tools and equipment. You need to have suitable transport to carry all pieces of equipment.
It makes it easier to procrastinate and leave the job for later.


To conclude to make the right decisions suitable for you, you need to look at all of the above and decide what best adapts to your situation. You need to think about what kind of work you specifically want to do if you want to mostly do hardware repairs, software troubleshooting, data recovery or training. Some of these repairs are better completed as an onsite repair whereas others require special equipment or intense focus which can happen In your own shop.


You need to think about who you want your customers to be and where from. If you only want customers from your immediate area its less hassle to pick and drop off repairs. On the other hand, if your client base is larger, its time saving if your work onsite.


Finally, you need to make sure you have enough room to accommodate many systems. You will need a full working system with power, monitor and connection setup. Also, make sure your vehicle is suitable with transporting computers.


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