Cyber Security Threat

Cyber Security Threat on your Personal Computer

Cyber Security Threat: What is Cyber Security? “Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access”

Cyber security needs to get improved while other technologies are improving. Due to rapid improvements in technology, cyber security needs to get upgraded so it can deliver a more safe, secure and manageable security services for the home and office.

Common Cyber Security Threat To be aware of:


These go undetected and are a group of software robots that design a field of infected computers which are controlled by the owner. Your computer may be one of them but you just have no idea. These robots can send many spam emails which come with viruses attached. They can also distribute all different types of malware and could also use your computer as part of a bigger attack on other computer systems.



This is used to describe the steps someone has taken to get access onto your PC without your permission. The more information made available online on hacking makes it very easy and simple for anyone who wants to hack to be able to do the attack with ease. Hacking is a process that cyber criminals use to gain entry onto your computer without your authorization.

Once they have entered your computer, they can do anything. This includes going through your internet security settings and finding weaknesses and then misusing them to get access to your information.  They are also able to install viruses and malware such as Trojan horse which brings an easy route for hackers to enter and find your information.  This is one of the many reasons PC Laptop and computer security is vital.



This is used by cyber criminals as it is simple to carry out and can give the results with minimal effort.  These include creating emails, messages and websites to look real and then send them off to people to gain personal information as well as any financial information they can get their hands on.

Within the fake emails and messages, they ask you for your information in a way you don’t realize is fake such as asking you to confirm or update your account/details. They have presented it in a way where you feel you must answer. Phishing also gives the criminals all security information such as usernames and passwords which they can then login and get access to your accounts and card details.

Check for Malware Removal Service!

Internet security is vital and you need to make sure you have the best internet security possible to stop any cyber-attacks happening to your personal computer, Laptop or Desktop Computer.

Check your Computer through a Trained Computer Engineer if your computer is affected by Cyber Security Threat. Book your engineer via

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