Fix Overheating Laptop and PC Complete Guide

Fix Overheating Laptop

Fix Overheating Laptop: PcKey Callout is the best solution for all your laptop and Computer problems including laptop overheating problems you may have. This repair is done right at your home.

Any work cannot be done now without the use of a laptop. Everyone has become very dependent on the laptop device and most everyday things cannot be done without the use of one whether it is personal or business related, most jobs cannot do without one.

Laptops are used for many things; writing, sharing, reports, doing projects, preparing a presentation or just using the laptop for entertainment reasons. However overtime with the use of the laptop it can start to damage.

Fix Overheating Laptop

Using any Electrical Device for a long time over and over again is going to cause damage. Too much use and overuse of laptops can cause overheating which can lead to the decrease in battery life which then will cause power problems. At PcKey Callout, we make sure to provide you with our best service for any laptop problem you are dealing with.

CPU overheating, The cooling of the CPU within laptops is usually done through a special fan and a metal conductor which is normally made of aluminum/copper plate. The conductor connected with a thermal grease makes heat without producing electricity. However the manufacturers will usually try and reduce the heat production. Due to overuse and accumulation of overtime, dust which enters the laptops, all the particles will begin to block the air vents which will cause an overall heating problem. Due to dust build up the over speed running of the fan can reduce the performance of the CPU. Particular software may be the reason for the laptop overheating, this can cause functioning problems and slowing the system and Laptop keep shutting down. A way to fix this would be to remove the battery and the back cover and give it a good clean. To do this you would need special tools and need to take extra care.


Fix Overheating Laptop Tips: How to stop laptop from overheating

  • Don’t use your laptop whilst it’s on charge as it will lead to extra heating
  • Put your laptop on charge before it completely shuts off
  • Replacing the laptop battery is another solution for laptop heating
  • Use cooling panels which you can get from Laptop repair shops. They can be connected to the lap just like a USB.
  • It’s better not to keep your laptop on the bed; this will only increase the heat. Putting the laptop the table or using a board underneath the laptop will reduce the amount of heating.
  • Keep the laptop away from foods and drinks. Crumbs from food falling inside can cause blockage which then prevents full air circulation inside the laptop.
  • PC Overheating can also be caused by a blocked fan.


PcKey Callout provides expert Laptop and PC Repair services on overheating and battery repairs as well as other laptop repairs at home.


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