Free Malware Removal Form Your Computer

Free Malware Removal

The warning signs that your computer may be malware infested include your computer being slower than usual, suddenly loads of pop ups are appearing as well as other abnormal issues. Either you have free malware removal or Paid Malware removal.

All these signs show that your computer maybe infested with spyware even if you have got an antivirus installed. It could also either be a hardware issue but it is a good idea to know malware/viruses isn’t the cause of your computer acting up.  Below is a guide on what to do:

Safe Mode

The first thing you need to do is disconnect your computer from the internet and until our computer has be cleaned do not start it up again. This will stop malware from spreading any personal data they may have of yours.

If you think the problem with your computer is a malware infection you need to boot your computer to Safe mode. This will have the minimum programs and services required. If any malware wants to enter your computer when you turn it one, going on safe mode will prevent it. By entering into safe mode, it will make removing the infected files easier because they are not being used.

You might also realise that on safe mode your computer runs much faster. This is a sign that our computer does have a malware infection or you might just have a solid-state drive which makes it fast either way.

Delete Temporary Files

Once in safe mode you should delete any temporary files before running a virus scan. This will make the time of running the virus scan quicker as well as free up disk space and get rid of some malware. Just enter disk clean up in the search bar of your windows 10 and start running it.

Download Malware Scanners

Now the malware scanner is ready to do its job and normally running a scanner is enough to remove standard infections. If you had antivirus program running on your computer you still should use a different scanner for this check because your antivirus software did not detect the malware. No antivirus software can detect all the millions of types of malware and viruses 100% of the time.

Run A Scan With Malware Bytes

Once you have downloaded malware bytes (free malware removal), run the setup and follow instructions to install the program. Once the software has downloaded, open the program it will automatically activate a trial of the paid version. By default in 14 days it will go to the standard free version.

To run a scan you need to switch from the dashboard tab to the scan tab, keep the option set to threat scan and click start scan. Before the scan is run it will check for updates but still make sure this happens before you go ahead with the scan. The threat scan usually finds all the infections right away and it will take anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes but if you do a custom scan it could take anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

If you find that malware bytes has vanished once the scan starts and it won’t reopen then you probably have a root kit or a different type of serious infection which gets rid of scanners so they can’t remove the infection.

When your scan is finish, malware bytes will show you the results. If the scan has given you results that everything is clear but you still think there is a virus run a custom scan. If the scan does find infections it will say what they are when the scan has finished. You can then click the remove button which will get rid of some infections. It may even request to restart your computer so the removal can happen which you should follow.

If you are still finding problems after the infections have been found and removed, then you might need to contact a professional like PcKey Callout where an experienced engineer will come and remove all viruses from your computer.

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