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Computer and laptops need special attention and care so they are able to function to their best. Mostly people always buy a new computer and never take good care of it also they never thought of computer maintenance. Taking good care of it doesn’t just mean cleaning the outer surface when it gets dusty. Taking proper care means making sure the inner and outer system are working effectively so they need to be examined.

The inner part of a computer consists of the software and anything related to software. The outer system consists of all the devices connected to the operating system. All the extra attachments such as cables, keyboard, scanner and printer which are all attached to the inner system are included. All these need to have extra attention and good  computer maintenance.

Computers Maintenance

Computers need to be maintained regularly from time to time. The system should be kept in a good state so it can perform well at all times and under all conditions. The first step towards this is to make sure your cables are kept in good condition and avoid any tangles and mess with other cables overlapping them. The less overlapping, the easier it is to make sure the cables stay in good condition.

After this you need to take time to clean your computer on a regular basis through either using a hand vacuum or duster to get rid of all the dust. Once the outside is looking good, you need to get working on keep the operating system in good condition.

A fully functional operating system is one which is always updated and is virus free and computer maintenance is done every month. The operating system needs to be updated regularly so all functions are working on top form. You should have antivirus software on your computer which is updated so it can remove any viruses found in your system. If you have a virus it can make the computer too slow and cause damages.

You should also transfer any data you have to an external hard drive and clear your computer of data regularly. This is because if your computer isn’t functioning well, you may lose your data so backing up on an external hard drives means all your data is saved.

Even after doing all this, it can be difficult to repair some issues. You may need to take expert advice from computer engineers from PcKey Callout who are specialist in Computer maintenance. Computer engineers will examine your entire system and give a solution. They come to your doorstep and help you keep your computer maintained and fully functional. Visit the website for more information and all services included.

Machines PcKey Callout Fix

• Compaq

• Dell

• Fujitsu

• HP


• Acer


• Samsung

• Sony

• Toshiba

• Lenovo

• Asus

Faults PcKey Callout Fix

•         No Wifi

•         Virus Removal

•         Not Powering up

•         Cracked Screen

•         Broken Hinge

•         Graphic Issue

•         Liquid Spillage

•         Battery Replacement

•         Faulty Trackpad

•         Not Logging On

•         Not Enough Space

•        Not Starting

•         Running Slow

•         Not Charging

•         Hard Drive Replacement

•         Damaged Casing

•         Data Retrieval

•         Lines on Screen

•         Switching Off

•         Faulty Keyboard

•         Memory Upgrade

•         Overheating

•         Not Booting

•        Cleaning


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