PC Security Warnings Must Know 2018

PC Security Warnings
90 Percent of People Ignore Computer Security Warnings

PC Security Warnings: A popup window comes up due to the software you are using saying a urgent update is needed. Most people don’t and instead just carry on with what they are doing and close the popup.

This means it could take much longer for them to update what they were meant to do.  This is a problem because many programs have security flaws which mean it is open to getting hacked.

This type of problem can occur with office and home users when they don’t do important updates. This is why PCKEY CALLOUT is there to help you and resolve all security issues which you are currently facing.

Important PC Security Warnings

One research shows users completely ignore the popup message when they are doing something else. A study found 74% said they ignore the security messages whilst closing their browser whereas 79% said that they ignore the message as they are too occupied doing something else. The last study indicated that 87% skipped the message while uploading files.

The simple message here is that Google has taken this into account and have begun finding options to find what the best time is to display the popup message. For example they are trying to popup message after someone finishes watching a video. It’s too early to say if this will be the case but things are going the right way.

If you find yourself in a situation where the popup messages are slowing your work and are not letting you do important work, always remember PCKEY CALLOUT; why not get a free Quote for computer repair today: https://www.pckey-callout.co.uk/#gquote

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