Infected With Malware

Infected With Malware? How to know? Complete Guide

Infected With Malware: Just imagine you turn on your computer and you wait, it’s been a long time and then when it does start you start to realize everything is slow such as internet and programs. It could be that you could be infected.

How to know if you are Infected With Malware?

To know whether you have been infected, you first you need to pinpoint the problems. Some signs of an infection are:


This is the most obvious one as they want you to know you have got it. The way you will know is that you will get a pop-up which says your files have been encrypted and you have a deadline to pay the ransom otherwise you will not get them back. It means you are Infected With Malware.

Browser redirects

This is when you click a link that you get when you searched for something on ‘my computer’. Once the link opens it shows a different page, you are confused so you head back and try again. The same thing happens and you try over and over again. You keep getting redirected to a different website and this only means a malware infection.

Different home page

You set your homepage to your most used/favorite site. Instead whenever you open your browser comes up as well as some new toolbars. This is an infection.

Bombarded with pop-ups

You start getting pop-ups, not just one but they just keep coming. You close one and another pops up. Some websites come with pop-ups, but if your home screen is full of pop-ups it could either be adware or a spyware infection.

Less obvious signs of infection

Computer running slow

There could be many reasons that could cause a slow computer such as having a lot of programs open at once, it could just mean you don’t have much hard drive space left or you don’t have enough free memory. However if none of these is the case then your computer is infected.

New, unfamiliar icons on desktop

You might have downloaded a piece of software and a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP’S) downloaded with it. So this could mean your computer is heavy on PUP’S which are security companies’ consider malware.

Constant crashing

There could be many reasons why your systems/programs or applications might be crashing such as the need of software/hardware or programs updating. On the other hand some forms of malware like rootkits, go into the computer windows and latch on which creates instability.

Web browser freezes or is unresponsive

Your internet could just be slow; you need to check your wi-fi signal. However if everything is ok then it could be a sign of an infection.

Lots of bounced email

Once in a while when sending an email you have accidently typed in the wrong email and press send. However if you keep getting a number of bounces or emails that have returned to your inbox undelivered then it could be something.

Now either you have been hacked and someone is spamming your contact list or you could have a malware infection. An infected computer send out emails using the address in your computer. If the ‘To’ tab does not work the message bounces back to the ‘from’ which is your address.

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