Laptop Ready Tips & Repair Guide 2018

Laptop Ready TipsLaptop Ready Tips: Ok so you have everything ready for the new school/university year you have even purchased a new computer but is it ready. Here is a few things to make sure your computer is ready forthe school/university year as well as new season.

Here are some Laptop Ready Tips:

  1. Make sure the operating system is updated- You don’t need to upgrade you just need to make sure that everything is updated for your operating system and the right things are downloaded and installed. If updates are ignored it could lead to viruses hacking your system. If you need any help with this call PCKEY CALLOUT. Our expert engineers will be able to help you in getting everything in order for the season.
  2. Make sure security systems are up-to-date- Not all viruses program the same way. Hackers normally get into the most popular viruses such as McAfee. It is always better to buy a virus program and especially a subscription one as your are more protected. No virus program can give you a solid 100% virus free protection but if you choose the right one. it can save you many costly repairs. Call PCKEY CALLOUT where we can help you choose the right one as well as help you in making sure its installed and working properly. One of my
    favourite Laptop Ready Tips.
  3. Child safety- This is a big issue as children need to use computers for research for school projects. Is your computer setup so your child does not find unwanted content? If you are worried about this call PCKEY CALLOUT now and our experienced engineers will help you in installing the best programs so you can have peace of mind.
  1. Hard drive space– You should clear out some space on your hard drive for new content or if you have a small hard drive. You can look into buying a good quality external hard drive or update hard disk from PCKEY CALLOUT..
  1. Backup system- This is important especially with the new school year as there is more homework project and nothing is worse if it is accidently deleted or your computers hard drive fails and all is lost. Always have a backup. Get an external backup system. You may Face Blue Screen issue after backup & restore.
  1. Clean- Your computer may look all clean from the outside but it might not be from the inside. It is one of best Laptop Ready Tips. If you fell computer getting hot to tough, you might need to have it taken in for quick or full clean and service to make sure everything is working fine. Heat causes a lot of damage to the internal parts of your computer. Call PCKEY CALLOUT now and we can help give your computer the best service and do it all in front of you so you can see the process as well as explaining everything to you.
  1. Cookies and temporary internet files- if you use your computer a lot there will be many saved files on your computer that is just junk which is taking up space. Simply go into your browser history and clear it out or we will help you to clean the cookie & temporary files. 
  1. Running slow- Before you take it in for a service you can check some yourself. over time your computer puts data all over your hard drive . if you go into your utilities you will be able to choose where data is stored. If it is still running slower than usual you might need to add more RAM memory. If is still is call PCKEY CALLOUT and we will be able to help you to increase your memory and give you all the information required.
  1. When in doubt – ask an expert!– Buying a new computer is a big investment and it should be treated with care and maintenance just like everything else valuable. If you are not sure about something please don’t try yourself and instead see an expert because if you make a mistake it could damage your computer more and then cost you more. Call PCKEY CALLOUT now and be confident knowing your computer is in the right place. We have a NO FIX NO FEE policy and we come to you at a time to suit you. So please don’t hesitate and call PCKEY CALLOUT.

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