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    Computer Repairs On Site VS In Shop

    Computer repairs On site VS in shop There seem to be two opposite chains of thoughts when it’s time to choose from running computer maintenance or consulting business from home. Many people believe in order to good work and make the profit you need to take the customers computer to your shop. However, there are many computer engineers who repair computers at their customer’s home and don’t bring any work back home with them. The Best Way To Select A Computer Repair The best thing to start off doing is to write down all the pro’s and con’s of both […]

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      Your home computer is broken, are you seeing for home computer repairs? what now?  Having a broken computer is not a good thing, where to start? Do you call someone to come and repair it at home or do you unplug everything and go to a computer shop? Do you do an online computer repair and using the internet try and fix your computer yourself?   Options For Computer Repairs:  DIY Computer Repair There are many websites which can help you to discover the problem with your computer and how to repair. Our website PCKEY CALLOUT is a great […]

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    Best Free Antivirus – Which One?

      There are so many different types, versions, brands of Best Free antivirus software out there. It’s hard deciding which one is right for you and your computer laptop and mobile.   To start off with you need to find out what antivirus solution works with your computer’s operating system. Any brand of computer/laptop can catch a virus or malware even if you have a Mac.   When deciding what Best Free antivirus system/software/programme to get, you need to look at the prices as well as the features. When looking for anti-virus software’s you will see that many of them […]

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    6 Common Computer Problems

      Computer problems can be really frustrating and if it’s got more than one trying to differentiate between which one is a software problem and which one is hardware related. Most hardware and software problems have similar symptoms.   Below are some common computer problems and the easy way on how to differentiate if they are hardware or software related.   Failing to boot- If you turn on your computer but it decides not to run then this has something to do with the hardware. The issue could be as simple as a loose connection within the computer or it […]

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    Computer Keeps Restarting

    Computer Keeps Restarting If you find your computer keeps restarting a lot it could be fixed in software but there are many different things which can cause the system to crash and keep rebooting in Window 7, Window 8.1 and Window 10 etc. More advanced operating systems do not produce BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) and instead windows will restart the computer and hope for the best. The assumption is if something important within the operating system failed, doing a reboot would fix it. This is sometime true, however if a computer is having hardware problems a simple reboot may […]

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    Computer Repair Support Contract Maintenance

    Weekly Computer Maintenance Computer Repair Support Contract Maintenance makes life easy for everyone. Your computer is a machine and machines require maintenance, now unlike a car which requires routine maintenance computers need weekly, monthly and annual maintenance.  Computer maintenance should happen at time intervals and if ignored it could mean your computer could suffer and you could experience failures in your computer’s system. Through getting your computer maintained it will help you keep your computer running well and optimised for years to come. Schedule: Weekly Computer Maintenance Having time to do a weekly maintenance on your computer manually is hard […]

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    How to fix Windows Update in Windows 10 stuck or Frozen

    Windows 10 update taking place today, how will this update change your PC? Windows 10 stuck or Frozen: Wawoooo Finally, Microsoft is releasing their next windows 10 update called April 2018 update today and below are information on the big features that are arriving to your PC. Also upgrading will be simpler but some computer will face window 10 stuck or frozen during updates. Windows 10 stuck or Frozen? This software will bring the normal security patches and repairs but as well as this there are new features which are there to get users to enjoy using their PC’s better. […]

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    PC Technician: How to Describe Your Problem

    PC Technician: Are you looking for PC Technician near me? Ok, so you have decided that you are not able to repair the computer yourself as you don’t want to cause further damage, you still need to find out what the actual problem is with your PC and how to express the problem to the PC technician when you find Trusted Professional Computer Repair Company i.e PcKey Callout (Home Computer Repairs).   When talking to a computer PC technician simply stating your PC just isn’t working most times is not enough. Some PC technicians need more information as to what […]

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    Fix Overheating Laptop and PC Complete Guide

    Fix Overheating Laptop: PcKey Callout is the best solution for all your laptop and Computer problems including laptop overheating problems you may have. This repair is done right at your home. Any work cannot be done now without the use of a laptop. Everyone has become very dependent on the laptop device and most everyday things cannot be done without the use of one whether it is personal or business related, most jobs cannot do without one. Laptops are used for many things; writing, sharing, reports, doing projects, preparing a presentation or just using the laptop for entertainment reasons. However […]

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    Windows Blue Screen Of Death Complete Guide

    How To Fix Windows Blue Screen Errors: Windows Blue Screen: Most windows users think they need a computer engineer to troubleshoot blue screen errors and fix windows 10 errors. These errors are no doubt harder to fix than other common application errors such as DLL and EXE errors.   However before going to see a computer engineer there are some simple troubleshooting tips which you could try. These steps not only fix blue screen errors but if performed regularly ensure the errors do not come back.  Tips To Fix Window Blue Screen Of Death Windows blue screen of death are mostly caused […]

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