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    SSD Drives Are Becoming The Standard For Laptops  

    SSD Drives: When SSD Drives first came known, it had been said that in time they would take over the aging conventional hard drives for storage use in Laptops/PC’s.  SSD Drives are faster yet more compact which would be better for laptops/PC.  They are still able to give a user everything they want. Hard drives are in much need of an update and this is it. PCKEY CALLOUT Engineers are specialist in changing/replacing/upgrade your computer hard disk to SSD. This move from hard drives to SSD Drives is happening much faster than initially thought. If this continues at the rate […]

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    PC Security Warnings Must Know 2018

    90 Percent of People Ignore Computer Security Warnings PC Security Warnings: A popup window comes up due to the software you are using saying a urgent update is needed. Most people don’t and instead just carry on with what they are doing and close the popup. This means it could take much longer for them to update what they were meant to do.  This is a problem because many programs have security flaws which mean it is open to getting hacked. This type of problem can occur with office and home users when they don’t do important updates. This is […]

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  • Malware causing valuable work time

    Malware causing: Once malware hits your computer, you lose a lot of hours that you would be better spending on your computer like responding to emails and everyday duties which are disrupted to malware. On top of malware entering your system, once you have repaired malware through rebuilding your computer it does not mean malware cannot enter your system again. Malware is able to enter the system again at anytime without warning causing your business or home work to be disrupted. PCKEY CALLOUT computer repair is the solution to your Computer problems. Contact below to fix today. Get our malware […]

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  • Computer Repair: The 15 Most Common Myths About

    Computer Repair: If you have a passion for fiddling with computers and love to repair computers then you might have heard some things which aren’t true. For example you probably heard to get a good computer repair job you need to have a certificate. As well as this there are many more myths which I will talk you through that could be looked at. Most computers and computer technicians can face these issues: You and the technicians In one time computers were so new that only technicians could use them. However now computers are so popular and their construction have […]

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    Looking Back into The History of Computer Repairs HISTORY OF COMPUTER REPAIRS: Computer repairing has not been known for long but has had a rapid turnover of knowledge and skills due to an advance in technology. So as technology improves so will the knowledge and skills of people/businesses for compute repairing. There are some certain aspects which have made the computer repair as advanced as it is today. HISTORY OF COMPUTER REPAIRS The Emergence of Home Computers At the beginning big companies such as Apple made most of the computers, but as they became cheaper many more companies decided to […]

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  • Infected With Malware? How to know? Complete Guide

    Infected With Malware: Just imagine you turn on your computer and you wait, it’s been a long time and then when it does start you start to realize everything is slow such as internet and programs. It could be that you could be infected. How to know if you are Infected With Malware? To know whether you have been infected, you first you need to pinpoint the problems. Some signs of an infection are: Ransomware This is the most obvious one as they want you to know you have got it. The way you will know is that you will […]

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    6 Types of Malware You Should Be Aware of 2018

    Malware programs are one of the worst programs found on the internet and are most common. They are many varieties of malware which makes it hard to specify a few. all hackers have their own way of inserting malware into your computer which means there are many created every months. The 6 most common types of malware are: Ransomware Once entered into your computer, this type of malware can be the most dangerous as well as one of the hardest to remove. Ransomware works by first locking down your computer and then forcing a payment to unlock it, disguising it […]

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    Emergency Computer Repair PCKEY CALLOUT

    Emergency Computer Repair: We offer on the spot, urgently required computer repair service for our customers. When you have an emergency and you don’t have the time to go and find a place to repair your PC as you need it straight away then you should call PC KEY CALLOUT as we offer emergency call outs and come direct to your home/office and if for any reason we are not able to get to you we will use remote control access software to repair your PC. Emergency Computer Repair Services: Our technicians are ready and awaiting your call weather your […]

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    Repair Your Laptop and PC at Reasonable Price

    Repair Your Laptop – We repair all types/brands of laptops at reasonable prices. PC KEY CALLOUT: Repair Your Laptop in West Yorkshire (Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield, Batley, Keighley and Dewsbury) We have experienced technicians who will be able to service and repair your laptop/pc at reasonable prices. We do all models of laptops including; Toshiba, Lenovo, sony, Dell as well as many others. Laptop Repairs and IT Services Our repair services include: Not turning on Screen broken Lines across the screen Keeps shutting down itself Laptop keeps crashing Viruses within the laptop Spills Data restore/recovery Software issues Upgrades Wireless […]

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  • PC KEY CALLOUT is Best Than Other Computer Repair Companies

    PC KEY CALLOUT : Life without technology seems impossible in today’s world and the use of a PC is one technology we can’t be without. We use it in our everyday lives and it helps us with various tasks either at home or in the office. So a computer is very vital and with it the you would need professional IT support in case anything happens to your PC. Now I will give you some reasons as to why you should call our experienced engineers from PC KEY CALLOUT in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield and Halifax etc for any computer repair related reasons. PC […]

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