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PC Repair Expert Comments About Blue Screen Errors

PC Repair Expert: Microsoft warns about the new malware behind user’s screen. Like most malwares, this is about taking money from users.  if you get a blue screen error, DO NOT contact the support number on the screen as they want you to spend money on services which are not real and do not work. If you are skeptical when getting a blue screen and are confused, call on 07768770600 now. We are able to offer you full support as well as come at your convenience and do PC repair in front of you.


Software behind Blue Screen of Death

This software that hides behind the blue screen acts as a new installation for Microsoft Security Essentials. This is an anti-malware solution for previous windows such as Windows 7 and is still used a lot today.

Microsoft have warned of this as they say they never display numbers or services on their screen and if encountered it is fake.

Microsoft also warns explicitly that this blue screen error message from Windows 8 and 10 is very similar and hence the user of the current operating systems are the target of hackers.

PC Repair Expert

Is the malware on the computer?

This software is called Hicurdismos. This is installed on your PC through a drive by download so it probably goes unnoticed. Once installed the malware exploits vulnerabilities on your browser.  The Hicurdismos installer (right) looks the same as the real MSE installation package from Microsoft.

Once fully installed, the fake blue screen comes on. The cursor disappears and then you are not able to activate the task manager. At this point you cannot do anything to stop it. Even when you restart your computer the blue screen loads and appears.


Fake Blue Screen on the computer – now what?

Do not worry, call PCKEY now. We have trained engineers who will be able to come at your time and repair your PC for you. We will be able to help fix your PC for you and advise you on how you can save your PC next time. Call now and relax. For more information please visit: www.pckey-callout.co.uk

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