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PC Technician: Are you looking for PC Technician near me? Ok, so you have decided that you are not able to repair the computer yourself as you don’t want to cause further damage, you still need to find out what the actual problem is with your PC and how to express the problem to the PC technician when you find Trusted Professional Computer Repair Company i.e PcKey Callout (Home Computer Repairs).


When talking to a computer PC technician simply stating your PC just isn’t working most times is not enough. Some PC technicians need more information as to what is happening to your PC. Now obviously you won’t know all the technical terms but using the tips explained below may help you when describing your issue with the technician.


Be Prepared

You need to be prepared to explain your PC problem to the technician before you begin posting for help on any social networking sites, forums and website.Laptop Repair Near Me


By being prepared you will be able to describe your problem to the PC technicians much more clearly and you will have a better understanding of what you’re saying. After this, the PC technician will be able to specifically diagnose what the problem relating to your PC actually is which means you will be able to get the proper repair without no time wasting and your money won’t be misused.


Obviously, depending on your PC problem, the information you prepare will vary but some things you should remember are:


  • What have you already done to solve the issue
  • If your PC screen has an error message, what is it?
  • If your PC does not have an error message, what is the PC actually doing
  • Did anything else occur with this problem (BSOD, Virus warning)
  • When did the issue on your PC start?
  • Since the PC problem started, has there been any change ( error messages comes at a different time)


Be Specific

This is explained a little above, but you need to be thorough. This is important for you and for the PC technician. YouComputer Repair Near Me need to explain everything which is happening with your PC from beginning to end in as much detail as possible to the technician so you can get the proper repair.


Being vague and just stating your PC isn’t working does not give technician any clue with what is actually going on. There are hundreds of ways a PC stops working and the repair can vary with the extent of damage.


You also need to make sure to let the PC technician know the make and model of your PC, Laptop as well as what operating system you are using. An example would be: “I ’ve tried turning on the power button on my Laptop (Dell N1510) and it won’t turn on. I’ve put the battery in, this works but the laptop still won’t turn on. It’s running Windows 10.”


Be Clear

To make sure you get the best repair, communication is vital. You need to properly be able to describe your PC Home Computer Repairsproblem to a technician. You want the technician to help fix your PC problem, so you need to be as clear as possible with them so they have a good understanding.


If you’re getting help online, make sure to reread what you write and writing Thank you in between the discussion will help as the service you’re getting is probably free. Also, don’t use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.


If your describing your problem on the phone makes sure there is no surrounding noise as this will make it harder for the PC technician to understand what you’re saying.


If you’re getting help in person, communication is vital and you need to speak clearly and properly explaining everything is detail. Also being polite never hurt anyone.


All our individuals now Recommend PcKey Callout Home Computer repairs Services so you can deal in person with PC Technician.


Be Calm

PC problems are an issue nobody wants to have but getting frustrated and worried won’t help the situation and couldOnsite Computer Repairs actually delay the repair.


Even though the person you are talking to is a computer technician, they did not make the hardware or software which is causing you issues.  They know about these issues and they can help but they are not the cause of your PC playing up.


Make sure to be nice and grateful when getting help online even if it’s just from a social networking site, forum and Website. They are there because they want to help people like you as they have the knowledge.


You decide what information you want to give out there so the more detail you give, the better answer you will receive. Be as clear as you can and communicate well.


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