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Computer Malware: Tips To Indicate Your Computer Malware


Computer Malware: The mass number of people who use the internet on a daily basis makes it a great opportunity for hackers who tamper with your system and go through your privacy taking all information like account details. Here are a few signs you can look for if you think your computer is being attacked.



This is an easy way to tell if your computer is infected with malware. When you open your browser and you see your homepage is looking different to normal it probably indicates you have malware.  When you download something and see a link or popup appear on the website which is odd don’t click on it. Then when you reopen your browser you will find another toolbar as well as a new homepage.

Add-ons are not limited to toolbars and search engines. You can also get malware through pop-up windows. Recently if you have downloaded something and you notice a lot of different pop-ups appearing then it indicate you have downloaded malware.  They may not be irritating but they are very dangerous. They don’t install alone into your system, they will bring other threats which you will not notice or even be aware of as you are busy handling the pop-ups.



If you notice your computer crashing more often than before, it is most likely infected with malware. Crashing includes either your whole system going down or a program.

If you are experiencing blue screen crashes, you may be having technical issues but most of the time its due to malware infecting your computer.


Malfunctions and being slow

Random messages from your operating system could come from faulty technology but it is most likely the work of malware. If you notice programs are opening and closing without you closing and opening yourself, your computer is likely infected with malware. If it is malware you could lose access to some computer programs. If some programs don’t open or work correctly, you have malware.

Another indication you have malware is when your computer starts acting slow. This includes taking time open programs or power up. If you find it’s taking an annoying long time it may have malware or faulty technology.


How to treat

Knowing your computer has a problem to begin with is a good start to making it better. If you are dealing with malware or other computer problems and you live in Leeds, West Yorkshire, consider calling us at PCKEY CALLOUT. We not only deal with malware but also any other PC issues you may have. Visit our website for more information. These are tips to indicate Computer Malware. Please let us know how you like Computer Malware tips in bellow comment section.


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Windows Updates: Why do updates take so long to install?


Those windows updates that just keep on appearing but do we actually want them?


PC REPAIR Engineer start with the real question is why do we really need these windows updates? The reason is Microsoft did not ever think their operating system would become open to a hacker or virus or any kind or threat so it’s taking some of its code and improving it as well as adding some slow-moving software updates to fix it.

Windows updates

So why do they take so long to install?


Once you click the windows icon on your computer, these are the steps Microsoft takes:


  • Microsoft start up by running a detailed inventory of what needs to be updated or what can from most important to optional updates.


  • Next the Microsoft server downloads, extracts and verifies the updates


  • Then do the updates actually start installing. This means the computer has to stop all services, copy files, check files look for consistency and then the services are started again.


  • A double-check happens as well where Microsoft will re-check making sure all setting were applied correctly after the updates and are all working consistently.


  • Now thinking that would be then end, when you press the restart button, windows then begins to install the update that failed to run with the previous installation. This is the most time consuming part. Sometimes it can even take hours to complete!!


The point to note is that you should expect windows updates to be quick and more will come with every restart. If you find yourself having a windows update issue which is quite common as there are many windows updates installed and is one goes wrong the whole lot fail. You can try installing an update at a time or seek help. PCKEY CALLOUT has experts to help with windows 10 update, windows 8 update, windows 7 update & Microsoft updated etc Give us a call now on 07768770600 if you find yourself in a situation where windows update not working. Visit

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Hacks & Attacks: They are Being Reported By Yahoo


Hacks & Attacks: Have a yahoo email? Your account might be one of the many that have been hacked recently. Yahoo’s email servers have been receiving the two biggest breaches every in internet history since 2013.


Yahoo has issued a short statement, as followed:

“Based on the ongoing investigation, we believe a forged cookie may have been used in 2015 or 2016 to access your account.”

This hack is very cleverly thought out and creative as it doesn’t involve taking passwords. The way they hack is by making the users web browser tell yahoo that the user has already logged in and thus forging a cookie that the browser uses to track. Through this you are able to close your browser and open it again without needing to log in every time.


Not only is this an inconvenience but it also could be identity theft and loss of trust. This means the company has a loss in valuation. No system will be 100% completely secure, this shows how much of an economic effect it can have to your business if you come across this kind of attack. Every day there are million of Hacks & Attacks. Safe yoursefl from PC Hacks & Attacks.


If you use yahoo email, first thing is to change your password and make sure your security measures are updated and fully working to the best effect they could be. If you have any problems in updating, installing any types of security and antivirus, call PCKEY and we will be able to come to you and secure your PC in front on you.


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PC Support Virus Removal & Repair Services


PC Support Virus Removal: Using more than one ANTIVIRUS software on any windows operating system is not a good idea!

It is very important to protect your computer with the best antivirus software and to check your antivirus removal is updated. It will be no good just to install the software and not regularly update it because then the antivirus software will not work to its full capacity. If not updated your computer may start to behave oddly and may cause a computer crash.

How to avoid a virus:

  • Do not open attachments from unknown emails
  • Avoid clicking pop ups and specially those asking for security details or asking to enable settings.
  • Regularly keep updating
  • Check for windows updates
  • Always scan all your external hard disks and USB’s

.If you have any problems with installing or updating or anything with antivirus contact PCKEY PC REPAIR. We will clean the viruses with virus cleaner to protect your PC and make sure its virus protected. Our Engineers are knowledgeable with installing software’s as well as helping you or who has a viruses on their computer.

For more information please visit

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Infected With Malware? How to know? Complete Guide


Infected With Malware: Just imagine you turn on your computer and you wait, it’s been a long time and then when it does start you start to realize everything is slow such as internet and programs. It could be that you could be infected.

How to know if you are Infected With Malware?

To know whether you have been infected, you first you need to pinpoint the problems. Some signs of an infection are:


This is the most obvious one as they want you to know you have got it. The way you will know is that you will get a pop-up which says your files have been encrypted and you have a deadline to pay the ransom otherwise you will not get them back. It means you are Infected With Malware.

Browser redirects

This is when you click a link that you get when you searched for something on ‘my computer’. Once the link opens it shows a different page, you are confused so you head back and try again. The same thing happens and you try over and over again. You keep getting redirected to a different website and this only means a malware infection.

Different home page

You set your homepage to your most used/favorite site. Instead whenever you open your browser comes up as well as some new toolbars. This is an infection.

Bombarded with pop-ups

You start getting pop-ups, not just one but they just keep coming. You close one and another pops up. Some websites come with pop-ups, but if your home screen is full of pop-ups it could either be adware or a spyware infection.

Less obvious signs of infection

Computer running slow

There could be many reasons that could cause a slow computer such as having a lot of programs open at once, it could just mean you don’t have much hard drive space left or you don’t have enough free memory. However if none of these is the case then your computer is infected.

New, unfamiliar icons on desktop

You might have downloaded a piece of software and a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP’S) downloaded with it. So this could mean your computer is heavy on PUP’S which are security companies’ consider malware.

Constant crashing

There could be many reasons why your systems/programs or applications might be crashing such as the need of software/hardware or programs updating. On the other hand some forms of malware like rootkits, go into the computer windows and latch on which creates instability.

Web browser freezes or is unresponsive

Your internet could just be slow; you need to check your wi-fi signal. However if everything is ok then it could be a sign of an infection.

Lots of bounced email

Once in a while when sending an email you have accidently typed in the wrong email and press send. However if you keep getting a number of bounces or emails that have returned to your inbox undelivered then it could be something.

Now either you have been hacked and someone is spamming your contact list or you could have a malware infection. An infected computer send out emails using the address in your computer. If the ‘To’ tab does not work the message bounces back to the ‘from’ which is your address.

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