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Solid State Drive: The Rise of The Solid State Drive

Solid State Drive: The becoming of the SSD (Solid State Drive) which is the modern technology in data storage. The main question is whether people should get it in replace of the Magnetic Hard Disk drive. There is still some life in the older Magnetic Hard Disk Drive and it will carry on like this until the price per GB of storage with the SSD’S bridges the gap to the price per GB of storage for Hard Disk drives. The gap is getting closer and closer to reaching but there is still around a year or so before the SSD becomes cost effective to have it as your only method of storage.

Solid State Drive Price:

The cost of an SSD drive is around 8 times more than the Hard Disk Drive. The main advantage of having an SSD drive to Hard Disk Drive is that it is one of the most effective methods of speeding up your PC and so using the SSD drive in conjunction with your Hard Disk Drive will be a great way to optimize your computer.


For example, if you have a computer that has come to have a slow boot up time over time of usage and waiting for the operating system to load was taking what seemed like forever from the Hard Disk Drive. The most effective way to help this so your computer would speed up and no data would be lost would be to use an SSD drive to as a boot drive to store both windows and many programs and then use the higher storage of the Hard Disk Drive to keep all your important documents and media. By doing this, your PC will boot up much for faster and would be more responsive.


To conclude the SSD is more expensive than the original Hard Disk Drive but the benefits it can bring to your PC are just unbelievable. So through using both it is a good way of bringing new life into your computers operating system and making it work like new.


If you need any more advice of help with the Solid State Drive do not hesitate to contact PCKEY. Our engineers are fully knowledgeable in all aspects and would be able to help you, install and get everything up and running for you without losing any of your data.

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