wifi threats to hotels

Wifi Threats To Hotels- Tips For Travellers

Wifi Threats: Connecting to a public network is not a good idea but new reports show travellers must be extra careful as it has been found that the wifi router used y most hotels are prone to hackers.

Hotel staffs that use public wifi are at most risk of getting hacked as well as spied on. This is because hackers are able to create a fake network and call it hotel wifi and then they would connect and get spied on. The hacker is then able to see everything that is being done by the staff unless it is encrypted.

Wifi Threats To Hotels:

This thereat also means guests of the hotel who use the real hotel wifi can also become a victim to this. They can get spied on while online and have their passwords and logins stolen as well as having their emails read. If the hackers wanted to they could cause more damage by infecting the laptop or device being used with malware. A more experienced hacker could also go further into the hotels business system taking guest information such as card details.


What you can do?

To start with tourists should not use public wifi unless it is through a private network such as openDNS. A private network encrypts online traffic, so if there is a hacker a n they try and spy on you they will not see anything.


Another way to stop this from happening to you is pay for your stay using a credit card instead of a debit card as it comes with more protection but it’s not completely safe.


Change your online banking passwords. This threat may have been around for a long time but just noticed now so some hackers may have already got some information. Make sure your new password is long about 10+ characters with both upper and lower case letters. Also add  a special symbol  and some numbers. Wifi Threats are every where. Keep yourself safe from Wifi Threats.


Even with this latest threat coming to light, travelling does increase your chance of getting hacked. Below are a few steps you can take to protect yourself:


  • Protect your device against theft: Every device taken travelling should have a password so even if it does get stolen the thief is not able to gain access to any personal messages, emails etc. it should also have a disabling capability so the data cannot be accessible to the thief.
  • Password manager: Many people have access to more than one online account on a daily basis. This makes it essential to have a strong and unique password for each account. You should also change passwords regularly. To make sure you don’t forget your passwords use password manager tool as it provides a safe online storage for all your passwords so you don’t need to remember them.


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