How to fix Windows Update in Windows 10 stuck or Frozen

Windows 10 update taking place today,

how will this update change your PC?

windows 10 creators updateWindows 10 stuck or Frozen: Wawoooo Finally, Microsoft is releasing their next windows 10 update called April 2018 update today and below are information on the big features that are arriving to your PC. Also upgrading will be simpler but some computer will face window 10 stuck or frozen during updates.

Windows 10 stuck or Frozen?

This software will bring the normal security patches and repairs but as well as this there are new features which are there to get users to enjoy using their PC’s better.


Microsoft has also made upgrading much simpler and easier so that worry is no more.


Microsoft listened to their home and office customers and has made switching to the latest software a much faster process.


Instead of the long 82 minute update time online or the 51 minute update time offline, the April update should take only 30 minutes.


If you are looking to starting the upgrade, here are some of the new features coming to windows 10.


Microsoft has listened to their customers and knows that they are getting preoccupied with emails, messages and many social media notifications.


With this new update, they have added something called Focus Assist which helps disabling all these notifications.


It’s the user’s decision; they can either turn on the Focus Assist when they think they need it or put it on automatically at particular times of the day.


The best thing is that if you are busy doing Assignments and work, once finished you will be presented with all the notifications you missed during the time you were on focus mode.


Don’t worry about missing any important messages because the creators have made it able to set particular contacts to break through the system.


Edge is getting better day by day

Google chrome is doing well with internet browsers but Microsoft is working day and night to make sure their Edge browser is keeping up with its competition.


The new features on Edge are bringing fewer interruptions when browsing the web and they have added a new audio symbol to mute and unmute when a tab is playing a sound.


Also books, PDFs and reading view pages will go full-screen and distraction-free reading experience and shopping online gets easier because your address, payment and other information can be saved securely with the choice to use auto fill on web payments.


There is also a great feature when printing from the web as the choice brings printing with a cleaner and clutter free format.


New timeline

The creators at Microsoft want to make everything simpler for windows 10 home and office users. This is why they have come with Timeline.  This will allow you to go back in time back to 30 days to search for their files.


This even works with all different platforms, so you can find things you have been working on when using a tablet, laptop or phone.


Talking to your PC

If you get tired of using your fingers, the new windows 10 update will help.


Microsoft is improving its dictation experience with users being able to interact more precisely with their PCs via speech.


It will now be easier than ever to take a note or write a paper with the use of just your voice.


You need to simply press Win+H and begin talking.


This windows 10 fall update April 2018 will be available as a free download starting Today, Yes Today.


Windows 10 stuck or Frozen


Windows 10 Creators Update Errors

If your window 10 Creators update got following errors YES, WE CAN RESOLVE FOLLOWING ERRORS


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