Windows Blue Screen Of Death Complete Guide

How To Fix Windows Blue Screen Errors:

Windows Blue Screen: Most windows users think they need a computer engineer to troubleshoot blue screen errors and fix windows 10 errors. These errors are no doubt harder to fix than other common application errors such as DLL and EXE errors.   However before going to see a computer engineer there are some simple troubleshooting tips which you could try. These steps not only fix blue screen errors but if performed regularly ensure the errors do not come back.

windows blue screen of death
 Tips To Fix Window Blue Screen Of Death

Windows blue screen of death are mostly caused by faulty apps or be a driver issue. To find what the problem is you can run the program called ‘who crashed’. This deciphers the blue screen error code and gives the name of the problem.

Wrong programs, if on a computer can cause all different types of errors such as the stop error. If you find your computer is creating random errors or behaving in an odd way, run a malware scan to bring your computers system back to itself.

Before starting to run your malware scan to check malware infection, make sure you use your anti-malware tool to update your software with the latest security updates and disconnect your computer from the internet.  After this reboot windows into safe mode. To boot to safe mode you need to:

  • Terminate all running programs and restart your computer.
  • Press the F8 key while windows reloads
  • Choose the safe mode option in the advanced windows boot option menu and then click enter.


Once windows are rebooted into safe mode, open your anti-malware tool and start complete system scan. Next delete the threats notified from the scan on your computer.  It is important to practise safe mode computer habits so you can ensure your PC does not get infected again. Some safe computer habits you can use are:

  • Keep your anti-malware tool updated and schedule regular anti-malware scans.
  • Install a robust firewall.
  • Scan any e-mail attachment before opening it.
  • Scan any external device upon attaching it to your computer.
  • Stay away from dubious websites.
  • Download new software, programs, and files from the Internet only if you trust the source.


Clean Registry To Fix Windows 10 And Other Errors

This is a important component of any windows operating system. This provides the operating system with the important information which requires completing different tasks. If the information in the registry is wrong or missing this could mean a big problem.  Fixing computer stop errors which happen due to the registry clean this using advanced registry maintenance software. A clean registry not only improves system performance but keeps errors at a minimum.


Update Apps

Outdated programs are another cause of application and system errors. In your control panel look into your programs and features section and remove any outdated programs and install updated versions.


Update Windows And Built-In Driver Files

Enable the built in automatic update feature so you can have new windows updates automatically installed.


Third Party Drivers

Don’t use third party drivers as they can create more problems than what you started with.

Using the methods above will reduce the number of errors.  If after this you need help, then go to a computer engineer such as PcKey Callout who can fix your computer onsite.


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