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Windows Updates: Why do updates take so long to install?

Those windows updates that just keep on appearing but do we actually want them?


PC REPAIR Engineer start with the real question is why do we really need these windows updates? The reason is Microsoft did not ever think their operating system would become open to a hacker or virus or any kind or threat so it’s taking some of its code and improving it as well as adding some slow-moving software updates to fix it.

Windows updates

So why do they take so long to install?


Once you click the windows icon on your computer, these are the steps Microsoft takes:


  • Microsoft start up by running a detailed inventory of what needs to be updated or what can from most important to optional updates.


  • Next the Microsoft server downloads, extracts and verifies the updates


  • Then do the updates actually start installing. This means the computer has to stop all services, copy files, check files look for consistency and then the services are started again.


  • A double-check happens as well where Microsoft will re-check making sure all setting were applied correctly after the updates and are all working consistently.


  • Now thinking that would be then end, when you press the restart button, windows then begins to install the update that failed to run with the previous installation. This is the most time consuming part. Sometimes it can even take hours to complete!!


The point to note is that you should expect windows updates to be quick and more will come with every restart. If you find yourself having a windows update issue which is quite common as there are many windows updates installed and is one goes wrong the whole lot fail. You can try installing an update at a time or seek help. PCKEY CALLOUT has experts to help with windows 10 update, windows 8 update, windows 7 update & Microsoft updated etc Give us a call now on 07768770600 if you find yourself in a situation where windows update not working. Visit

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