Computer Repair Support Contract (Only £ 16.99)

We want you to have a great computer experience and enjoy using it when doing what you need to do. A computer does have guarantee but only for a year, after that some of the computers parts may not be covered. One of the most efficient ways of taking care and protecting your computer is trough our Computer repair support contract. By signing up with our contract you will gain peace of mind even if the worst takes place. With our computer repair support contract, you will experience unlimited repairs at a fraction of the cost with paying just £ 16.99 per month. A minimum of 12 months contract is required and after this you are able to cancel when you want to. With the support of our expert engineers, we will always try our best to repair your computer. With us your computer is in safe hands.


Protection against breakdown/accident

Your keyboard is playing up or your hard drive starts to malfunction, you may even have a motherboard failure. Whatever the damage, we will fix it. if your computer suffers a fall, any accident, we can repair.

Fast fix & Expert Support

We will repair your computer as quick as possible. Our team of experts have all the knowledge to repair whatever problem you come across.

Only pay more if new part is needed

Labour and call out is free within the contract, however if any parts need to be replaced, the customer would need to pay for the part.

Unlimited repairs

With our plan, the number of repairs is endless, there is no limit to how many repairs, our team are always here to help.

Virus & spyware removal

If you think your computer has a virus, give us a call and our experts will arrane to come and take a look at your computer and remove the virus. Once removed we will run a thorough scan to make sure all viruses and spyware is taken care of.

Data recovery

Our team of experts will try with all their knowledge to get all your data back.

Computer healthcheck every year

This is a good way to make sure your computer is up and running at maximum capacity.



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