Fake AntiVirus Software of 2108 Complete Introduction

Fake AntiVirus Software
Fake AntiVirus Software: The Development of Anti-virus software has meant many users are saved from a lot of problems. However because of this popularity so many anti-virus programs and software’s have been developed that sometimes you might find It difficult finding which one is fake and real in free antivirus.

One popular and most common malware on the internet is Trojan and the many different viruses it has. One Trojan virus was created to manipulate users to thinking they are downloading a antivirus software. This is normally found in popup which say virus found which then takes to a website to solve the problem through downloading the fake antivirus software.

Fake AntiVirus Software:

As soon as the fake antivirus has been given access it will make it really hard to stop. It will allow scanning for viruses and showing nothing. This fake antivirus will not let you be in peace with your computer.  They can even make you pay for new upgraded antivirus programs which will leave you with more toolbars and popups. Some best free antivirus, best internet security, best virus protection software are not the solution for your computer you need a expert to solve your computer problem.

Fake antivirus can let cybercriminals enter and take all of your personal information. This includes card information, social security and other banking information which they can then use for their advantage.

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There are some methods you can apply to help decrease the risk of getting infected:

  • Having an active firewall while browsing the internet
  • Having a trusted antivirus software

However if you do not feel comfortable trying to do this by yourself then don’t worry, call PCKEY CALLOUT now on 07768770600 or visit our website www.pckey-callout.co.uk . We will be able to help you if you have a virus on your PC and are able to give you advice on what antivirus program to use. At PCKEY CALLOUT we come at a time to suit you and repair your PC in front of you so you can see step by step what we do. Call us now to help with any problems including any viruses.

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